These Celeb-Inspired Natural Makeup Looks Are Low-Key Perfect for Any Situation

While we love bold and vivid makeup looks just as much as the next person, sometimes we want something more low-key and subtler. We're talking about no-makeup makeup, which is the term for enhancing your features in an almost undetectable way. It sounds simple. After all, it involves putting on less makeup than usual, right? Surprisingly, though, that's often not the case. One second you're tracing paper-thin lines of eyeliner across both your upper lids, and the next thing you know one's uneven. So you add a little more, fill in this spot here and that spot there, and suddenly you're back to your normal graphic cat eye.

If you don't possess the deft eye of a makeup artist, it can be hard to know what to apply and what to go without. That's why it helps to have a visual. In this case, 13 celebrity visuals. From Jessica Alba's perfectly pared-down look to Kim Kardashian West's slightly more glamorous take on natural makeup, these celebs are sure to inspire your own creativity.