I Had a Makeup Artist Redo My Makeup Using Only Natural Products

These days, more people want to switch to natural skincare and haircare to avoid toxins and unnecessary chemicals in their routines, but when it comes to makeup, those same people often toss those sentiments out the window. This isn't true for all budding naturalists, of course, but I can certainly place myself among the hypocrites. I love using natural skincare and dry shampoo, and I feel like I'm doing my body a big favor—but makeup? Fuhgeddaboutit. Pass the Champagne Pop ($38) and Naked Palettes ($54), please.

My reasoning for not transitioning into natural makeup is that I have so many favorite products that do amazing things. While natural skincare has helped soothe my sensitive skin and keep breakouts in check, the idea of using an organic mascara in place of my beloved Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes ($32) seemed like a steep downgrade. The same goes for my foundation; there may be toxins and hard-to-pronounce add-ins I probably could go without absorbing into my system, but it performs so well. I just can't imagine something plant-based living up to my makeup-bag staples. (Full disclosure: I know I sound like a total naïve makeup snob, but this is my thought process.)

As a result, I decided to cast my natural-makeup stereotypes to the side and had the lovely ladies of Credo Beauty (think the Sephora of natural beauty) school me on the efficacy of clean products. On the company's website is a "clean beauty swap," and it's here that you can find most makeup, skincare, hair products, and their corresponding "clean" alternatives. Like Nars Orgasm Blush ($30)? Try Vapour's Aura Radiant Multi Stick in Sultry. Is Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer ($47) your go-to? Give Lily Lolo's BB Cream a whirl.

Vapour Multi Stick
Vapour Aura Multi Stick $36
Lily Lolo BB Cream
Lily Lolo BB Cream $22

I gave them a list of all of the usual makeup products I use on a daily basis, and they brought their natural alternatives to test whether they can hold a candle to my tried-and-true favorites. Could they stand up against my usual brands? Keep scrolling to find out.

Regular Makeup

Natural Makeup vs Regular Makeup
Byrdie / Jenna Peffley

Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup vs Regular Makeup
Byrdie / Jenna Peffley

There were pros and cons to this clean beauty swap. First, the pros: I was happy to have found some new shining-star natural products (including RMS Beauty's "Un" Cover-Up, Lily Lolo's Eye Palette, and Antonym's Eye Pencil). The cons were that some of the products (namely the foundation, mascara, and blush) didn't perform or look as good on me as my usual suspects.

RMS Un Cover-Up
RMS Beauty "Un" Cover-Up $36
Lily Lolo Laid Bare Palette
Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eye Palette $34
Antonym Eye Pencil
Antonym Eye Pencil $19

However, this was just one test, and I can't speak for natural beauty products as a whole by only judging a few. This swap definitely made me want to dive deeper into the world of natural beauty because knowing that my products are free of toxins (not to mention cruelty-free) makes me feel a lot better about the application and wearing process. Perhaps I'll become a full-fledged naturalist after all.

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