9 Under-the-Radar Products That Enhance Your Natural Beauty

From Edward vs. Jacob to Taylor Swift’s army of Swifties, taking sides is part of human nature—and the beauty world is no exception. Currently, the beauty landscape has two opposing trends in a head-to-head popularity race: a natural, barely there complexion vs. hyper-sculpted contouring. Though we love how a subtle sweep of powder can carve out cheekbones where there were none, we have to admit that we fall squarely into Team Natural—if only because it caters to our lazier side. The dewy, effortlessly flawless look is here to stay (see: F/W 16 runways like Miu Miu, Valentino, and Celine), and each week a whole new crop of products emerge that are designed to enhance—not cover—your natural beauty. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up 10 of our under-the-radar favorites ahead. Most of them you can apply with your fingers (lazy-girl beauty, FTW), and will instantly give you a Yoncé-level glow. And when the compliments start coming in, feel free to smile demurely and say, “Oh, me? I woke up like this.”

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