The 8 Blushes That Match Our Post-Workout Flush Exactly

Confession: Even though it's now one of my favorite product categories, blush hasn't always been high on my list. In fact, up until college, I wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole. (Instead, logically, I opted to dump pans of orange sparkling bronzer on my face. I'm not proud.) Anyway, it wasn't until I discovered my first gateway blush—a coy, peachy little number from Nars called Sex Appeal ($30)—that I began to dabble in the world of flush-filled wonder. And once I noticed how fresh, healthy, and natural the result could look (not to mention how instantly photogenic I became), I was hooked. Yep, I sold my soul to crimson- and berry-stained powders, creams, and borderline fairy dusts roughy five years ago, and I haven't looked back since. However, it was only recently I noticed how closely tied all my favorites were with my natural flush—in other words, what my sweaty face looks like post-workout. And I mean, isn't that kind of the goal?

People always say your best blush match will be one that emulates the way your skin naturally flushes, so really, it shouldn't have come as such an epiphany. Yet I did find it funny that somehow, subconsciously, my tastes have pointed me in the right naturally inclined direction. So with that in mind, I decided to call on some of my fellow Byrdie editors for the ultimate makeup challenge: to find the two natural-looking blushes that most closely resembles our coloring after hitting the gym, getting in from a run, or what have you. And of course, I requested photographic evidence. Ahead, the eight natural blushes Byrdie HQ swears by for creating a post-workout faux glow. Keep reading!