20 All-Natural Ingredients That Make You Prettier

A few weeks ago, I met Nicole Granato for lunch to discuss her newest products. Before we even began chatting, she took out a large bag of orangey brown powder and began dumping it into her hot water (water I assumed was meant for tea when I sat down). She peered up at me and laughed. “It’s turmeric,” she said and gestured for me to try a spoonful myself.

I obliged, figuring that as a certified health and wellness coach she knew what she was talking about. She explained that turmeric is really great for inflammation, so if you’re ever feeling bloated, puffy, or terrible after a night out, it’s best to gulp down the concoction with warm water. I spritzed some lemon juice in mine, quietly sipping the refreshing, earthy drink as she regaled me with tales about her personal experience with natural ingredients and how she learned to live a healthier lifestyle.

After all was said, done, and gobbled up at our meal, I couldn’t wait to tell everyone I saw about what I learned from just an hour spent with Granato. So now I’m bringing the goods to you.

Below, you’ll find a slew of all-natural ingredients that are really great for your skin, mind, and body. Plus, a few products that conveniently house them.


“Bladderwrack is best known to improve thyroid function and is often given to people with thyroid issues to reduce swelling, inflammation, and improve achy joints. It also prevents hardening arteries connected to heart attacks and strokes.”

Ginger Root

“Ginger root is helpful in improving digestion and reducing inflammation; it also eases PMS and provides migraine relief.”

Milk Thistle Seed

“Milk thistle seed supports a healthy nervous system, skin health, and acts as a powerful antioxidant in liver tissues. It also protects against free radical damage and the regeneration of healthy liver cells.”

Turmeric Root Powder

“This one supports a healthy immune system, proper brain function, and your digestive system, as well as your circulatory system and joint function. It also improves fertility in women and is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent while it balances the effects of skin flora and helps maintain healthy skin cells with support against free radicals.”

Manjistha Root

“Known to lower blood pressure, this anti-inflammatory  [root] helps with arthritis and detoxes the liver. It’s also known to treat acne and eczema.”

Guduchi Stem

“Helpful in treating digestive aliments and abdominal pain, Guduchi stem improves energy, helps even and clear your complexion, and enhances memory.” 

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Opening Image: @nicolegranatowellness