31 Women of Color Share Their Most Personal Natural Hair Stories

Beyond every braid, curl, loc, and strand is a sacred story for women of color—and even though it's just hair, there's so much more than meets the eye. This story is often disregarded by strangers who don’t share the same narrative as us. Oftentimes, people are fascinated by the vast diversity of black hair, which in turn, garners unwarranted attention. In many cases, their miseducation solicits alienating questions and discriminatory treatment that has the potential to derail our self-confidence and personal growth. Unbeknownst to those less-educated about the subject, black women's hair is not an object. Whichever style we choose to wear is deeply rooted in our ancestral identities—however, it does not define our humanity.

Many women of color carry natural hair stories. Whether the stories stemmed from a small-minded question or partial comment, these instances are far too common. Most of the time, our scenarios go unsaid and are discussed within our own sister circles. Instead of being kept in the dark, I wanted to shed light on our experiences. We received an overwhelmingly positive number of responses from women willing to share their stories with us. 

Read on for 31 of the most powerful natural hair stories below.

Ed. note: Quotes have been shortened and edited for content.

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