The 4 Rules Every Girl with Natural Hair Should Follow

Natural, textured, kinky—whatever you call it, that instantly recognizable variety of tightly-wound curls can be breathtakingly beautiful, no doubt about it. But (there’s always a but, isn’t there?), they can also be incredibly hard to manage. Thus, when we got the chance to pick the brain of celebrity hairstylist and natural hair expert Lacy Redway (she’s worked with Selita Ebanks, Uzo Aduba, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and, most recently, Selma star Carmen Ejogo), we jumped at the opportunity. Lucky for us, Redway—who recently partnered with Head & Shoulders to spread the word about their new Moisture Care collection, the brand’s first line designed for women with textured strands—had lots of interesting helpful advice to offer, including a DIY hair mask recipe you’ll want to copy, stat. Keep scrolling to see the four rules every girl with natural hair should follow!


Rule #1: Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

“The number one mistake women with natural hair make is not moisturizing as much as they should,” Redway says. “Textured hair does not produce enough moisture on its own, so in order to avoid dryness, it’s key to use moisturizing hair-care products.” She loves any of the products in the Head & Shoulders Moisture Care collection (all of which still contain the brand’s signature ZPT ingredient, to help fight dandruff and dryness), as well as natural oils, like coconut and almond. Click here for our favorite products for natural hair!

Rule #2: Dry With Your Fingers

Redway says to resist the temptation to run a brush through your strands. Instead, she recommends squeeze-drying your hair gently (a T-shirt or microfiber towel will decrease frizz) after showering, then gently detangling with your fingers. “This will keep your texture in place without interrupting your curl pattern,” she says.

Rule #3: Sleep Smart

When we asked Redway whether girls with natural hair could sleep on their wet hair without waking up to knots and tangles, she said yes—but you have to do it right. “If I go to bed with my hair wet, I’ll twist it first for protection, then sleep on it with a satin bonnet,” she says. “Or, use a silk pillowcase to avoid frizz and keep your curls in place.”

Rule #4: Embrace Oils

Remember when we said that the most important part of taking care of natural hair was moisture? Well, oils can help you with that. Redway says she loves DIY-ing a moisturizing hot oil treatment at night with olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. “Melt them all together in the microwave, then massage the mixture onto your scalp, and all throughout the mid-shaft and ends of your hair,” she says. “Then, wrap your hair in cling wrap to seal in the heat and moisture. Put a towel in case it runs, and sleep on it. Wash it out the next morning for smooth, frizz-free curls!”

Do you follow these natural hair rules? Sound off below!

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