Meet Colour, the Natural Hair App We've Been Looking For



We all have our fair share of hair horror stories—it happens. For people of color, the woe of finding a stylist who can "manage" or "deal with" our natural texture is not an easy feat, to say the least. Even finding hair inspo pics for textured hair that looks modern and fresh is hard. (*Cue hours of scrolling on Instagram.*) Now, thanks to the Colour app, this is all about to change.

The Colour app is the first-ever hairstyle inspiration database for people of color. The founder, Debra Shigley, wanted to create an inclusive one-stop shop for people of color to have an array of gorgeous inspiration photos and skilled stylists at their fingertips. "Women of color love to change up their hair, and yet it's hard to find curated images online of 'editorial' textured hairstyles," says Shigley. "Our clients constantly send us photos of their inspiration look prior to an appointment—often photos of white women because it's so hard to find, say, a modern, deconstructed updo on a black woman. Or they're looking for box braids, but they're not sure what style would be best for a vacation trip versus work. So we decided to create our own inspo collection by and for women of color."

For decades, Shigley was a frustrated client. As a biracial woman (half Jamaican-American, half Jewish), she struggled to find stylists who could handle and embrace her ultra-curly, kinky hair without having to sit in a salon all day. "As a journalist and lawyer, my time was crunched, and especially after I became a working mom, going to the salon was too inconvenient," Shigley says. "I thought other women must feel the same way. So I decided to take the leap and create a natural hair app that would enable busy women to get their hair done at home by trusted stylists."