10 Natural Face Masks for Every Skin Issue and Budget

We love a good DIY mask as much as the next beauty fiend, but going through the rigamarole of mixing and blending up obscure ingredients can be a process. Sometimes you feel like channeling your inner Pinterest beauty guru in the kitchen, and other times you'd rather just slap on a premade mask, sip your wine, and call it a day. That's where these natural face masks come in. They're formulated with cutting-edge botanics, tried-and-true natural ingredients, so you can feel good about putting them on your face. 

Here, 10 of our favorite natural face masks you can buy (no fancy DIY recipes required). There are options from both established natural-beauty companies and up-and-coming brands in the space and range from detoxing clay treatments to hydrating gel masks. In other words, there's something for everyone. See our picks below.