The Internet Agrees: This Is the Best Natural Deodorant

Though natural beauty products are certainly having their moment, there’s still the (mistaken) belief that they just aren’t as effective—and no other product is questioned more than natural deodorant. Maybe it’s because ineffective deodorant can have disastrous—or at least seriously smelly—results, especially in the middle of summer. Images of sweaty discomfort and, worse yet, pit stains prevent many of us from making the uninformed switch to a natural formula. However, the ingredients in traditional deodorants are being proven questionable at the very least, particularly aluminum. Recent studies question their effects on our health, and they’re not so great for the environment either. Still, going natural can be hard to do if you’re not sure which products will actually keep your BO at bay.

In times like these, why not crowdsource? We turn to our friends over at Rank & Style, a site that uses a powerful, unbiased algorithm to rank beauty and fashion products, drawing from online buzz, user reviews, and best-selling lists all over the internet. According to this algorithm, five natural deodorants get the web’s seal of approval. If you’ve wanted to try a natural deodorant without risking subpar coverage, keep scrolling.

We put a few natural deodorants to the test—here’s what we found.

Will you make the switch to natural deodorant? For even more highly rated options, head over to Rank & Style to see the rest of the top 10! And make sure to check out its lists of the internet’s favorite blue eyeliners and pore-minimizing serums!