10 Natural Cough Remedies Because It's Too Cold to Go to the Doctor

An intense cold when you can feel the mucus drip down your throat, have difficulty breathing, and have lost the ability to verbally articulate any thoughts because you're coughing every other word is pure hell. We're in the middle of the "bomb cyclone," and the chances of getting sick are unfortunately pretty high. You can always go the conventional route and stock up on cough drops and cough syrup for a quick fix, or you can go the more natural route and try some remedies that you can find in your pantry. "Natural cough remedies lack many of the negative side effects experienced with pharmaceutical cough suppressants. Many of the pharmaceutical options leave one feeling drowsy with a dry mouth and have a rebound effect where the symptoms worsen once the drug wears off," says naturopathic doctor Tara Nayak.

"Natural cough and cold remedies are typically herbal formulas or vitamin formulas that have antiviral actions, immune-strengthening actions, and lung tissue support," says chiropractor, acupuncturist, and naturopath Gabrielle Francis. "They are not only are designed to kill infections, but they build the immune and heal the terrain. Conventional medicine is usually reducing fevers and cough suppressants or decongestants. They are treating the symptoms and not getting to the root cause."

Do they work just as well as conventional options? Both Nayak and Francis seem to think so. "The most common misconception about natural cough remedies is that they don't work," says Nayak. "However, most often, people are not taking the remedy often enough or not using a quality supplement/herb. The potency and dosage of a remedy can greatly affect its efficacy."

"If the fever is low and the cough is white phlegm, then it is most likely a virus and the natural remedies work very well," says Francis. "If the fever is high and the cough is yellow or green phlegm, then it is most likely bacteria and may need an MD to prescribe an antibiotic." As always, check with a doctor for any severe colds before solely depending on these natural remedies for treatment, but if you're looking to stay away from the medicines you find at your local drugstore, Nayak and Francis have given us some great options.

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