2 Makeup Artists Share Their Best Tips for Natural Bridal Makeup

Weddings on the brain? Whether your ceremony is next month or many years down the road, there's nothing wrong with a healthy helping of inspiration where your big day is concerned. It is a fairly important event, after all, and what's more pivotal than feeling like yourself and beautiful in your own skin? (Vows aside, of course.) Call us hopeless romantics, but we'd be happy spending hours on end sifting through the prettiest products and makeup ideas to inspire our one-day makeup looks, and lately, we've been especially mesmerized by radiant, natural bridal makeup looks—think fresh, dewy skin; a fantasy-like flush; and super-subtle lips.

So, eager to discover the best products, tips, and tricks for creating a natural bridal makeup look, we reached out to two celebrity makeup artists: Monika Blunder and Chauntal Capri Lewis (both of whom have a knack for natural, incandescent artistry where makeup is concerned). From skin prep to lips, we're breaking down all of their wisdom on the topic of natural bridal makeup application—keep reading.