Hard Truths: Your "Natural" Beauty Products Are Probably Lying to You

We no longer need to make a trip to Whole Foods to get our fix of all-natural beauty products. But what exactly does "natural" mean? Well, when it comes to cosmetics, bodycare, and personal care products, quite frankly, "natural" doesn't mean much. The term is unregulated by the Food and Drug Administration, so brands are pretty much free to emblazon packaging with the word to lure consumers.

However, this doesn't mean every brand is trying to mislead the public. In fact, more and more brands today are making an effort to maintain transparency with their savvy eco-conscious customers. From Tata Harper to Kat Von D, there are plenty of incredible brands that have voluntary been third-party certified to emphasize their commitment to practices such as cruelty-free and organic. Here, we break down what these seals and labels mean and share a few of our favorite products along the way.

Read on to get the scoop on how to tell if your beauty products are all-natural.

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