I Swapped Out My Beauty Products for Their All-Natural Alternatives

It’s no secret that I’m somewhat of a beauty product virtuoso. Yes, I know the exact elixir that will erase signs of a hangover and what to use when my hair keeps falling flat. I apply eye cream all day and wake up overnight guests with a spritz of rose water. I have a lavender-scented eye pillow. I take collagen pills with breakfast. Does this make me sound like a freak? Perhaps. But I know what I like—and what I like is beauty.

That being said, I’ve also made strides in my life to weed out the clutter—physically and mentally. I donated a portion of my wardrobe to Good Will, relinquished my product freebies to the appreciative women at work, and practice yoga to relax my chronically buzzing mind. But what I haven’t been able to give up, of course, are my beloved unnatural and certainly not organic products. That is, until now.

Fellow Byrdie editor Victoria Hoff mused, “It started with my plant-based diet, and then I realized it was hypocritical for me to be conscience about the environment without treating my skin, face, and hair the same way. The problem was that even just a few years ago, all-natural products were not nearly as widely available—much crunchier and definitely not always as effective. It’s been really awesome to suddenly have all these options that not only do as well as the synthetic-laden stuff, but outperform them, too—with awesome packaging and branding to boot. There's really just no excuse at this point.”

To be fair, it’s a convincing argument. But was I willing to abandon my cherished synthetic ingredient–laden products for a more holistic lifestyle? I decided to give it shot—for one week—to find out.

First things first: I had to come up with a plan. I resolved to swap out two products from each of the usual categories (hair, skin, makeup) for organic alternatives. Again, I looked to Victoria for help. She recommended her favorites and I got started.

Keep scrolling to find out what happened next.