What "Natural Beauty" Looks Like in Different Countries

Sweden's "natural" is our "made-up."

natural beauty around the world

Whether or not we realize it, the beauty standards set by the country we live in have a massive effect on our taste in trends. While and shag haircuts are big here in the U.S., we often forget that the same style might not be as popular in Brazil or South Korea.

Here's one fascinating example: Last year, an experiment by U.K. group Superdrug Online Doctors had female graphic designers in 18 different countries illustrate the same image of a woman into the "ideal" body type. Each result was alarmingly different. The experiment allowed beauty consumers to look under the hood of the axiom "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

As experiments like this (and the Internet at large) make international beauty more accessible, our fascinations increase. More and more, we've found ourselves wondering how the rest of the world interprets different beauty trends.

We've already explored the top trending haircuts in different countries. Next, we were curious about "natural beauty." So we did a little transcontinental research to find out how women in seven different countries do their hair, makeup, and skin to achieve a look that says I woke up like this. Keep scrolling to see "natural" beauty looks and products around the world!


The vibe: Just off the beach

The details: Since Australian women tend to spend so much time in the sun, SPF and melt-proof makeup are key. According to Eleanor Pendleton, founder, and editor of online beauty magazine Gritty Pretty, the aesthetic is "natural and fresh-faced" makeup, "smooth, blemish-free" skin, and windswept hair you can style with just a leave-in product.

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The vibe: Low-maintenance chic

The details: French women are all about looking super chic and like they just rolled out of bed at the same time. For hair, the French go for cuts that don't need much styling, like long lengths and textured fringe. For gentle, light products are essential (to "let the skin breathe," as France Editorial Director Mathilde Lacombe would say). The makeup is minimal and comes second to focusing primarily on long lashes and rosy lips.

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The vibe: Bronzed and sultry

The details: Inspired by the tropical weather, Brazilian women bring out the sultrier side of natural beauty. Brazilian blogger Camila Coelho's go-to look consists of voluminous waves, bronzed skin, and slightly more full-coverage makeup.

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South Korea

The vibe: Clear-skinned and fresh

The details: "In Korea, the 'natural beauty' look definitely begins with the skin," says Peach & Lily founder Alicia Yoon. "The skin 'expression,' as it's so often called, is all about healthy, radiant, glowing skin that looks well hydrated from within." The makeup (normally just brows and lips) only serves to amplify that expression. For hair? "Any style that looks product-free, frizz-free, and smooth," Yoon says.

Eliminate frizz by using a microfiber towel to dry your hair. Cotton towels create fiction, which leads to breakage and flyaways.

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The vibe: Sleek and glowy

The details: The Swedish girl's everyday look focuses on naturally sleek hair, long lashes, and skin, using makeup to add color that the weather doesn't always offer. Swedish blogger and model Kenza Zouiten Subosic keeps her beauty routine focused on her cheeks, from her Dior light-boosting primer to her Anastasia contour kit.

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South Africa

The vibe: Colorful and playful

The details: "South Africa is a colorful and unique country with women of all skin tones, and they highlight their features in different ways," says South African makeup artist Lori Leib, creative director of Bodyography Cosmetics. "The darker-skinned demographic play around with color—vibrant lips being the most popular look—while lighter-skinned women are more sun- and skin-conscious, their makeup more natural."

Regardless of skin tone, African women tend to highlight one feature, like lips or eyes, and keep the skin and hair gorgeous. For hair, South African looks vary from braided designs to short crops to styles wrapped in colorful scarves. Look to Madonia, fashion blogger, and CEO of South African fashion line Revolt Clothing, for inspiration.

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Natural Beauty in the USA

The vibe: Model off duty

The details: When it comes to natural beauty, Americans tend to go one of two ways: There's the "no-makeup makeup" and " waves" that actually require a ton of products, and there are the bohemian indie person who focuses on skin before makeup and aims to re-create "model off duty" vibes. What both groups have in common is this: loads of dry shampoo, tinted sunscreen, and lashes, and brows for days.

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