10 Natural Products That Miranda Kerr, Olivia Culpo, and More Swear By

By and large, there are two types of beauty trends in the world: There are the gimmicky ones that catch on like wildfire but are ultimately short-lived (think stiletto nails and "Instagram eyebrows"). Then there are the ones that take a little longer to sweep the community but that ultimately stick around. By our measure, "natural beauty" falls in the latter category.

Ten years ago, organic and cruelty-free beauty was reserved for the new-age class, but today, a holistic consciousness is becoming the norm. "More and more of us have gone natural and cruelty-free," a Byrdie reader recently commented on a roundup of makeup drugstore products. Plenty of beauty consumers (myself included) won't even consider a product if it's laden with parabens or tested on animals.

Celebrities are no exception. When we interview beauty-minded celebs, an increasing number of them are recommending natural products over traditional alternatives. Some of these products are humble DIY recipes, but just as many are luxurious picks that you'd never guess were crafted with an earthy ethos in mind.

If you're just getting hooked on natural beauty or are already a covert, look to this list of celebrity favorites. Keep scrolling for makeup, skincare, and haircare finds that are both all-natural and Hollywood-approved!