Turns Out the Coolest Natural Beauty Products Come From Australia

You probably started to notice a mass Australian invasion a few years ago. In cosmopolitan hubs like New York and Chicago, Aussie coffee culture is rampant, and even in sprawling and sunny L.A., you can’t escape the accent—remember this is the country that brought you avocado toast and flat whites, after all. You can thank the land Down Under for more great things, too: Heath Ledger, flared sleeves, Tim Tams, Chris and Liam Hemsworth—and now, your new favorite clean beauty brands.

As an Aussie export living in NYC, I’ve tried (and still love) cult American clean beauty brands, but nothing impresses me like natural beauty hailing from the motherland. Perhaps these brands are innately better than their international counterparts because the ingredients used are derived from plants that must survive harsh climates. Or maybe Australia embraces natural beauty more readily than other countries. Either way, Aussie clean beauty just works.

Take Kakadu plum as an example: This plant is often used in serums and moisturizers and is one of the highest naturally occurring sources of skin-brightening vitamin C on the planet. It can help fade acne scarring, rejuvenate dull skin, and even help acne-prone skin. Then there’s manuka honey, a powerful substance native to Australia’s east coast and to New Zealand that can fight breakout-causing bacteria and promote collagen production.

And that’s really just the start of it—keep scrolling for a full breakdown of the 12 Australian natural beauty brands that are missing from your skincare regimen.