I Got the Met Gala Facial, and It Was Mind-Blowing


Estée Lauder

In my quest to live more like a celebrity (and for flawless skin), I've regularly found myself in strange, compromising, and incredibly cool positions. Hey, I'll try anything once. And more often than not, I’ll go back again for more. This time, it was Natura Bissé's high-tech transformational facial—a treatment that was created for the skin of celebrities, models, designers, and style icons attending the Met Gala. And, well, me.

I made my way over to The Mark Hotel in NYC, gleeful and feeling especially #blessed that I have a job that warrants such opulent treatment. Sure enough, what I saw when I strolled into the hotel suite was new to me… and decidedly mind-blowing.

The tailor-made experience is performed inside a bubble of pure air. Yes, that's right. The circular tent that stood before me was an environment that contains 99.99% pure, clean air. So, it’s completely free of polluting particles, as well as viral, bacterial, and allergenic agents. That way, as the esthetician goes through all the luxurious skin-improving techniques and processes, there will be nothing floating around to contaminate your face.

I guess it really is that good to be a celebrity. 



Natura Bissé

The first step was a cleansing ritual and gentle skin resurfacing. The wash detoxifies and hydrates your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and beyond wonderful. Next comes the exfoliation, which I imagine feels vaguely like it would to have a soft dove slough dead skin cells from your face. It’s nothing like the usual grainy exfoliator us mere mortals are used to. This technique allows your face to hit the reset button, and you'll receive the maximum benefit of the active ingredients that follow.

Now for phase two: The aesthetician chose a customized treatment from the brand's Diamond Collection based on my individual needs and concerns. The concentrates and creams were applied using a sono-lifting massage tool that provided microstimulating waves through a tuning fork (yup) to kiss wrinkles and fine lines goodbye. Then onto the chrono-rejuvenating LED mask to spur collagen production as it literally accelerates your skin's metabolism. (Wondering if they've invented something similar for my body's metabolism, but that's beside the point.) And on to firming and toning. A golden mask is applied with a formula that includes natural pearl and gold extracts, providing both a brightening and contouring effect. And all you have to do is lie there. Is acquiring Kendall Jenner's bone structure really this easy? Only time will tell. (FYI Jenner is obsessed with Estée Lauder's NightWear Plus Antioxidant Night Detox Cream ($55) for all her skincare needs). 

Finally, the last step has arrived, and I'm both blissfully snoozing and astutely paying attention so I can properly write this story: the color-adapting finishing cream. After all the skin-helping goodness, the aesthetician applies a CC cream to treat, protect, and leave your skin red carpet–ready.

I hop up and do a quick mirror check—yes I clearly look rejuvenated and better than my usual Monday-morning self. But am I Kendall Jenner status? Maybe not. But, seriously people, I'm never going to look like a 20-year-old model. However, I do resemble a well-kept 27-year-old beauty editor who just got her face thoroughly zapped and cleansed with the industry's most celebrated techniques. And that is pretty great.

Now I'm off—I have to find the next exceptional-sounding celebrity treatment and book myself an appointment. Tough life, right?

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