Natsumi Ajisaka

Natsumi Ajisaka has worked as a freelance beauty writer and fact-checker for the last year. She holds a B.S. in Magazine Journalism from Syracuse University, briefly worked in non-profit writing, and spent time in skincare retail. If she's not scrolling through skincare subreddits, she's racking up hundreds of hours in Stardew Valley, reading about Marie Antoinette's perfume, scheming to (safely) add yet another retinol product to her already-ludicrous skincare routine, or analyzing Alicia Florrick's makeup from seasons four to five of "The Good Wife" (season four is her personal favorite).



When she's not writing about beauty, Natsumi works as a fact-checker for brands like Audible and iHeartMedia.  


Natsumi holds a B.S. in Magazine Journalism from Syracuse University.

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