This Makeup Artist Taught Us the Easiest Dewy-Skin Hack

When are we not on a quest for silky dewy skin? We love finding new and unexpected ways to use higlighter, and easy hacks that can change the look of your entire face. Our latest highlighting obsession? All over dewy skin. 

We recently joined the Tigerlily team on its autumn 2018 campaign shoot in Los Angeles, and had the opportunity to quiz makeup artist Natasha Serevino on how she preps model skin for swim shoots. Perfect for you to replicate this summer.

Read on to discover how to achieve an all-over glow, and what not to do with highlighter.

Stephanie Squadrito for Byrdie Australia

Byrdie Australia: What’s the look you’re going for today?

Natasha Severino: It has a feeling like she’s lounging around on holiday in this incredible resort or holiday home, she’s in and out of the water. It’s very natural, it’s very dewy and it’s quite effortless. It’s not overly done, like her hair’s going to be slightly piecey. I wish we could all get out of the water looking like this—so natural! It’s very relaxed and it’s quite sultry. It’s an effortless look.

Stephanie Squadrito for Byrdie Australia

B: So no mascara?

NS: I think when mascara goes on it’s a little too polished. So the eyes are smudged in. It’s like she’s gone to bed with the residue of her eye makeup, then woken up and thrown herself in the water.

B: How do you get that dewy-skin glow?

NS: It’s a concoction of products. It’s a mixture of an oil that I really love that has a combination of 98 crushed seeds (here’s a similar product). And then a Nars liquid illuminator in Copacabana ($44). So I make my own little concoction and work that into the skin. Then I use a concealer to hide any other imperfections.  

Stephanie Squadrito for Byrdie Australia

B: So no highlighter over the top?

NS: It’s kind of all over the face. Instead of traditionally putting it on spots, I’ve used it all over so it kind of looks like a glow from within. I think this works photographically and for someone as beautiful as this, but in reality I might not trust it on the street. I think in the wrong hands… It’s a particular kind of skin that can handle it and it’s a particular kind of look. It’s a controlled environment. If someone wanted to achieve this look in real life, I would probably go back to the traditional method of using it just on highlighted points, but I would use it on the circumference of the face, so up on the temple bones, up on the cheek bones, a little on the chin, in the middle of the nose, on the eyelids. So spot it that way, but all over the face. Then use a powder to matte down the other areas, so it becomes a sculptural look. You’re highlighting and contouring with textures.

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