11 Beauty Gifts for the "Nasty Woman"

Updated 04/30/19

The best thing about Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman" is how beautifully it backfired. Seriously, the phrase has all the makings of instant reappropriation: It's over the top, it's ironic, and it has a glorious ring. Nasty woman—yep, we'll take it!

Most of us are lucky enough to have a woman or two in our lives who are particularly nasty (read: accomplished, brilliant, independent); and as the holidays approach, we're thinking about what to get them. It's not always easy to impress a nasty woman (smart people don't excite easily), but we think the following 11 gift ideas have a pretty good chance.

As self-identified nasty women, we put together a selection of unique gifts we'd personally love to receive this season: organic tampon subscriptions, "brain dust," lavender eye pillows shaped like dollar bills… We're confident you won't come across another gift guide like this.

Keep scrolling to treat your loved ones (or yourself) to these oh-so-nasty gifts!

1. "Witches, Bitches and Hos" Serum

Dori Midnight Witches, Bitches and Hos $25

This witchy hand-brewed elixir from feminist gift shop Otherwild will ward off anyone who dares to stand in the way of your goddess-like nastiness. Concocted with plants and stones like lady's mantle, lady's thumb, and emerald, the potion intends to "transform ancient wounds from centuries of oppression, release patterns of shame and self-hatred for being different, and create a profound sense of safety so that you can walk the magnificent path you are here to walk."

2. Lavender Eye Pillow

Merideth Hillbrand Lavender Eye Pillow $30

Allow your giftee to drape her face in dolla billz like the nasty, income-earning woman she is with a decadent lavender eye pillow. This silky, aromatherapeutic object is handmade with care by a Los Angeles artist and comes in four fly colors: classic green, blue, red, and hot pink.

3. Brain Dust

Moon-Juice-Brain Dush
Moon Juice Brain Dust $55

You know what's really nasty? A woman doing something good for her brain. Boost your giftee's mental power with this energizing supplement. Formulated with smartypants ingredients like organic astragalus, shilajit, and maca, the product works to enhance "clarity, memory, creativity, alertness and a capacity to handle stress." (Just add to nut milk, coffee, tea, or a smoothie!)

4. Organic Tampons

Cora Organic Tampons $9

Do something your loved one's p*ssy will actually appreciate by giving the gift of organic tampons. These chic little 'pons are made with premium organic cotton and BPA-free plastic applicators, and they are absolutely leak-free (trust us—we've tried them)! Plus, the packaging is gorge.

Sign your giftee up for a monthly subscription, where she'll get six, 12, 18, or 24 tampons each cycle. Better yet, with every shipment she receives, the brand will donate a month's supply of sustainable pads to a girl in a developing country where period materials are scarce. So every nasty, menstruating lady wins.

5. Sheet Mask Kit

Too Cool For School 1/2 Dozen Egg Cream Mask $28

Scare off potential threats to your self-image and basic rights with a nightly sheet mask! (Really, though, why are people so terrified of these things?) These six treatments offer hydration, firming, and pore-tightening benefits, all adorably packaged in one nasty little set.

6. Liquid Lipstick Set

Kat Von D Everlasting Mini Liquid Lipstick Set $49

The long-lasting, high-impact pigment in each of these mini lipsticks will carry you from sunrise yoga to an afternoon protest to happy-hour drinks with your #coven. The gift set contains eight killer shades, including Echo (a rich navy blue) and Mother (a dusty mauve). The formulas are also vegan and cruelty-free because nasty women fight evil dictators, not kitty cats.

7. Pubic Hair Oil

Fur Limited Edition: Fur x Only Hearts $69

This ultra-nasty gift from Fur acknowledges the horror that women do, indeed, have pubic hair. Allow your loved one to nourish her nethers with the brand's limited-edition holiday set, which comes with a precious bottle of hair oil specifically formulated for down under, as well as a pair of mesh black unders. The oil, formulated with grape-seed, jojoba, tea-tree, and clary sage oils, soothes skin and hair while working to prevent ingrowns. The panties are just for fun.

8. "Secret Genius" Candle

Pinrose Secret Genius Scented Candle $45

Let your giftee embrace her inner genius with this cleverly named candle. The scent packs a vanilla-caramel scent that's romantic and delicious in that nasty way we ladies love.

9. "Killing It" Journal

Urban Outfitters Killing It Journal $12

Help her continue to slay at life with this adorable "Killing It" journal. In it, your loved one can keep track of all her poems, mathematical proofs, Whole Foods grocery lists, and plots to defeat the patriarchy. 

10. Unisex Perfume

Goest Perfumes The Special Box $160

This set of unique, gender-neutral fragrances offers six luxurious shades of nasty. Our favorites are Lartigue, which boasts nautical notes of citrus and salt water, and Jackal, which smells of smoke and dirt in the best way possible.

11. "Nasty Woman" Makeup Bag

Nasty Woman Cosmetic Bag $39

Give your loved one a home for her favorite makeup products with this truly necessary cosmetics bag. Fill this up with the Kat Von D lippies above for an extra-nasty surprise.

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