NARS Reveals Its Fall 2015 Collection, Plus More News

Sound the alarm: NARS just revealed a first look at its much-anticipated fall collection, set to launch at NARS counters and on July 15. [Temptalia]

In celebration of their new Summer 2015 Collection, Aerin Beauty and are launching a curated collection of all of their seasonal must-haves—including Aerin’s best-selling fragrance, Waterlily Sun. [Net-a-Porter]

The people have spoken and declared that cellulite… is sexy? This swimsuit campaign is not like the rest. [Huffington Post]

The easiest way to apply mascara without getting it on your eyelid? This. [SHEfinds]

Beauty sale time! Get 20% off all online W3LL People orders on the 4th with code W3LL4U. [W3LL People]

Get 10% to 15% off the entire S.W. Basics website today through the Sunday the 5th! [S.W. Basics]

You’re all about all-natural and organic produce items, but what about your skincare products? These are the best beauty products with a conscience. [PureWow]

Sephora is the best whirlwind romance we’ve ever had (besides that one night with Ben and Jerry). Here are the 11 stages of shopping at Sephora. Everyone can relate—trust. [Huffington Post]

Thought your acne would fade with your teenage years? Discover the 11 things you didn’t realize were clogging your pores. [PureWow]

Who doesn’t love going out and getting a pedicure? While our toes may be happy, our wallets are not. Here’s how to get summer-ready feet at home. [InStyle]

Didn’t get your beauty sleep? Skin freaking out? These highlighters can bring any skin back to life! Check out the seven best highlighters that beauty editors swear by. []

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