Naomi Watts’ New Beauty Brand Is Changing The Menopause Stigma

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Ben Watts

For as much of our lives as they control and influence, we aren't talking about hormones enough. At least not in the beauty space. Naomi Watts wants to change that. The actress starring in The Watcher on Netflix and has more than a new visual project to celebrate. She recently introduced her brand Stripes to the world and spoke to us about it. But before you sigh and eye roll at yet another celebrity beauty brand (I'm guilty of it, too), I can confirm that Watts' feels different.

The Stripes lineup comprises 11 items for your face, hair, and body to make you feel your best during pre and post-menopause (more on the product details ahead). During our call, Watts spoke openly about going through early menopause in her late thirties and feeling lost. "There was not a lot of support and care available, and even friends my own age weren't really speaking about it," she tells me of her early menopause journey. "When I attempted to get into the conversation, it was met with some resistance, so I looked inwards."

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A few years in, Watts continued to talk to her circle about menopause openly, and she recalls a conversation with a friend where she imagined life with a handbook on how to embrace and enjoy menopause. The downside? There was and still is no manual. However, all it took was a perspective shift for Watts. "There was nothing out that there that wasn't doom and gloom," Watts says. "No one was talking about menopause in a fun, sexy, or positive manner."

With the pandemic allowing her more time to reflect, Stripes was born in partnership with Amyris. The brand is complete with hair, skin, body, and supplemental products that all women can use, but they're made especially with menopausal women in mind. "Everyone experiences it in different ways, but pretty much everyone goes through dehydration issues due to the loss of estrogen that occurs," Watts explains. "This impacts everything from your scalp to your vagina, and we wanted to address this with our products."

Squalene, known for its protective properties, is the hero ingredient in most Stripes products, like its Power Move Plumping Serum ($85) and the Oh My Glide Play Oil ($40). "Everything is to create extra hydration so that we feel better," says Watts. "Ultimately, how we look can be a game changer and affect us emotionally." The Stripes lineup doesn't stop there. You'll also find a detoxifying hair mask ($40) packed with ecotine and squalene for maximum hydration and probiotic supplements.

Together, Stripes provides a one-stop solution for all of your pre and post-menopausal needs without the guesswork and shame. Ultimately, Watts wanted the brand to look and feel like something you'll want to reach for and show off to your friends or your vanity.

It's why she's committed to using her new venture to create meaningful conversation, to show women who are going through (and will go through) menopause that they aren't alone and deserve to feel beautiful.

"We're the first generation of menopausal women to use the internet. I'm hopeful that now, given our resources, we can share information with the younger generation and be more empathetic to our mothers." That feeling of empathy for women is why Watts named the brand Stripes. "We should celebrate that we got to this place and feel proud of everything we've been through," says Watts. "We've earned our stripes."

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