It's Naomi Campbell's Birthday, so Here Are 15 of Her Most Iconic Looks Ever

Naomi Campbell is a mogul. A legend. And, fun fact, one of the original "supermodels." (She, in addition to Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, and Tatjana Patitz were considered the Big Five in the height of 1990s fashion mania.) But, most relevant at this current moment in time, today is her 48th birthday.

"Life! I have a blessed life. I choose to live life and not let life live me, so I'm happy in my skin," she told The Cut late last year. "I don't care how hectic it gets and how many planes I have to take, I do what I have to do because I know that I'm blessed. That's it."

Still strong, still outspoken, still arrestingly inspirational. With all these factors, we felt it only fitting to gather together the most iconic beauty moments the supermodel has served up over the years. So, to celebrate Campbell's special day, and her multiple decades' worth of stunning ferocity in both ambition and influence, here are 15 of her best-ever moments. (Prepare for jaw drops.)