This Mother-Daughter-Duo Created a Luxurious Moisturizer for Melanin-Rich Skin

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In 2016, Davlyn Mosley sought a safe space for Black and POC women to discuss their skincare concerns. When she couldn't find one that sufficed, she created @ofmanyhues, where Mosley consulted her dermatologist mother, Dr. Lynn McKinley-Grant, to answer people's skincare questions. "During that time, no one talked about skincare catering to melanin-rich skin. Only 3% of dermatologists in the U.S. are Black, and their knowledge and expertise are highly sought after," she says. Mosley found this desire for melanin-rich education spanned beyond information and still needed to improve in the product category.

Unbeknownst to her, Mosley's private online community would inspire her skincare brand Namesake and serve as the beta group for her first launch. 

About the Brand

In February 2022, Mosley launched Namesake with the brand's Daily Moisturizer ($60), a lightweight cream made to nourish and plump all skin types. "I wanted to start with the one essential product. A moisturizer is the backbone of a good routine. Without it, the other products in your routine won't work as well," she says. "I wanted to create a product that included everything you needed in one jar."

Mosley's edited approach to launching skincare is far from current market trends, where brands release products consistently. This was done intentionally to avoid confusing her consumer. "People are still very confused about skincare, so now that we've launched one item, we can tap into our community to learn what they are looking for next," she says. Mosley says her goal is to create a strategy that allows her to cater to her consumers consistently. 

Before starting Namesake, Mosley was always interested in skincare and beauty, and it was only fitting as her childhood consisted of visiting her mom's dermatology office. "I would go to conferences with her and collect products," she says. This led to her working in the beauty industry before pivoting to the tech world. Still, Mosley had a deep desire to merge her experience and passion. She spent much of her life learning to care for her skin from her mother and wanted to share that knowledge with more than just her friends. "I wanted to create a brand that spoke to women of color and our unique skin care needs," she explains. 

When building Namesake, Mosley knew there was no better person to partner with than her mother. "My mom's advice is invaluable," Mosley says. "She advised us on ingredients to avoid in the formulation, specifically preservatives where she's seen a negative reaction in her patients." 

About the Product

Dr. Lynn McKinley-Grant aided her daughter in shaping The Daily Moisturizer to be a clinically tested, non-irritating product suitable for a wide range of skin types. The moisturizer is infused with rosehip to help to soothe and brighten your skin, while polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) help to smooth the skin with continued use. You can use the moisturizer both morning and night, making it a great option if you seek a tailored routine.

According to Mosely, makeup artists have given her great feedback, sharing that the moisturizer doubles as a primer to create a dewy (not greasy) complexion before applying foundation or concealer. I tested the formula firsthand and loved how it felt rich and hydrating even without layering multiple serums before.

namesake daily moisturizer
Namesake The Daily Moisturizer $60.00

Cultivating Community

Namesake was built on catering to a community Mosley sought to serve, and her goal is to continue that. Things have changed a lot since 2016, and brands and beauty entrepreneurs can now leverage platforms like TikTok to spread the word about their innovations. "I'm that millennial friend convincing her friends to get on it ASAP, especially if they have their own company," she says. "I can go on TikTok and tell thousands of people about my brand at once, which I can't replicate in person or on any other platform."

Harnessing the power of those around her—whether through social media or her mother—proves that Namesake is a skincare brand worth watching, and we're excited to see what this mother-daughter duo cooks up next.

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