This Styling Technique Is Like No-Makeup Makeup for Your Hair


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When it comes to "doing my hair," my route of action is to do as little as possible. I'll wash my hair every other day (or less if I can get away with it), let it air dry, possibly add a swipe of smoothing cream or texturizing spray, and then head out the door to face the world.

So when Pantene invited me to experience a real hairstyling experience courtesy of celebrity hairstylist Danilo, I was on board. Despite my habitual low-effort meets less-is-more approach to hair, it hasn't always worked in my favor. In fact, en route to meeting with Danilo, my Uber driver inquired where I was off to, then upon hearing I was getting my hair styled, said, "Oh, now it makes sense why you're hair looks like that." The way it looked was how I wear it every day.

Once in the expert hands of Danilo at the Ciel Spa at the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles, my hair quandary was named (and ameliorated). "This look is called 'naked hair,'" Danilo explained. "It's like no-makeup makeup for your hair. It's part of the trend arsenal, and it's been embraced very much." Though his typical stylings are decidedly more complex, Danilo, whose client list includes Gwen Stefani, Reese Witherspoon, Selena Gomez, and Natalie Portman, is a proponent of the naked hair look. He describes it as an on-trend way to give your hair a break. "I don't want to say it goes against the grain, but it's refreshing," he says. "Through the lineup of everything we've done, it's a breath of fresh air to see this beautiful natural texture."

Fresh from my Uber driver's uninvited commentary, I was relieved to discover that my particular low-maintenance approach to hair not only had a name but was on trend and Danilo-approved. However, the biggest takeaway Danilo underscored was that achieving a naked hair look didn't actually mean just doing nothing (of which I've often been guilty). "It's not neglect," notes Danilo. "Just because it's called 'naked hair' doesn't mean there's an absence of care. You're embracing the natural style and direction of your hair. It's accepted as a valid look, accepting your natural look and beauty."

Using a series of newly released Pantene products, Danilo treated me to a styling session while teaching me how to achieve the naked hair look and master "loving the ease of less" while still appearing polished. Keep scrolling to discover Danilo's step-by-step breakdown for creating a naked hair look (while still looking put together).

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