This Viral French Mani Hack Kit Gives You the Perfect Manicure Every Time

Here's how it works.

Hand with Fench manicure

Nails Inc.

Perfecting a french manicure at-home can feel close to impossible, but according to TikTok, it's not. Using a silicone pad to get that perfect white French tip is a trick that most of my FYP swears by, and the Nails.INC French Mani Hack ($16) is an easy all-in-one way to try it yourself.

The polish set comes with two polishes—Knightsbridge Night Out (a nude pink color) and Find Me In Fulham (a bright white color)— and a silicone stamp. The nail polish is made to dry after 45 seconds—and it actually does. The goal is to make at-home French manicures both quick and doable. So, does the mani hack actually work? Read on for all the details on the Nails.INC French Mani Hack and our honest review.

Nails.INC French Mani Hack

Best For: At-home French manicures

Price: $16

Product Claims: Quick-drying polish and simple French manicures

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Nails Inc French Mani Hack
Nails.INC French Mani Hack $16.00

The Hype

Using a pad (whether it's a Beautyblender, the pad of your thumb, or a silicon stamper) to get that gorgeous sliver of a French tip is a popular go-to on TikTok. As one user put it, it's "The best French manicure hack!"

OK, so the videos are pretty convincing, but they also require a decent amount of tools: a light pink polish, a stark white one, and a pad (whichever kind you prefer). To simplify things, Nails.INC put together everything you need to achieve that picture-perfect French manicure in one kit.

Another TikToker showed off their results from the polish set on their page, and the caption said it all. "French Mani Hack is for all the babes who want THE classic manicure without the need to call in a pro," the TikTok user wrote.

"Let me tell you, this was not easy," one TikTok account reviewed the product. Still, by the third nail, the polish set was paying off. "My third attempt: perfect. So there are the final results. I'm happy with it," she explained, showing off her finished manicure.

How to Use the Set

Start with clean, dry nails. First, do a coat of Knightsbridge Nights Out. Once that dries, add another coat (or two), depending on how opaque you like it. Wait 45 seconds until your nails fully dry. Then, swipe a coat of Find Me In Fulham onto the silicone stamper. While it's still wet, push your nails into the pad at a 45-degree angle. Use nail polish remover to clean up any mistakes. When you're happy with the final look, apply a top coat of your choosing. When you're done with the stamper, you can wipe away any excess polish with some remover, and store it until next time.

The Review

Nails Inc French Mani Hack Results

Hannah Kerns

I was really excited to try this French manicure hack set since I'm always looking for a way to make my at-home manicures look a bit more polished. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite as easy as TikTok made it look. Using this set, I painted my nails three times before achieving a passable French manicure. Although practice didn't make perfect per se, it was definitely still a better manicure than I could do on my own.

If you are someone who's constantly going to the salon for a French mani, this is a great option for an at-home version. Though there's a learning curve, it gets easier and easier every time you use this kit, and for $16 it's worth it—even if you have to practice. One thing to be wary of? Since the polish is so quick-drying, you need to be ready to dip your nails as soon as you paint it on the silicone stamper; otherwise, it'll become tacky and impossible to apply to your actual nail.

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