Nailboo's New Press-On Collection Is a Work of Nail Art

The mani of your dreams.

Nailboo Press-on Nails


Back in March 2020, it became nearly impossible to book a nail appointment. This ultimately caused a spike in the demand for press-on nails, and two years later, it remains the best option to create a manicured look from the comfort of your own home. Despite the reopening of salons and spas, Founder of NAILCON Jazmin Celine Gresham believes this nail trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

According to Gresham, people love the ease and convenience of a faux nail set. "The pandemic increased the need for nail brands to create more options and variety," she says. Often, it's the best option for nail art lovers who are trying to keep up with nail trends without committing to styles long-term. Plus, it can save time and money (and a trip to the salon).



The latest brand to offer more variety to the category is Nailboo. "Our goal is to create quick and easy at-home solutions for people who want their nails to be expressive," says Amanda Johnson, CMO of Nailboo. This launch comes just two weeks after the brand welcomed the Max Gloss Nail Polish to its lineup.

If you’re not familiar with Nailboo, the brand is best known for its easy-to-use nail dip powders, which happen to be popular among celebrities like Paris Hilton and Brittany Aldean.

Ahead, see the new collection, find out the inspiration behind it, and get our honest review.

The Inspiration



Nailboo relies heavily on its community when creating new products. After asking the Nailboo Fam what they needed to make their at-home manicures easier, the team got an overwhelming amount of responses. “Our community wanted more fun, creative designs that could be done with ease. We instantly knew that press-on nails were next for us,” Johnson shares. 

Then, the team picked the brain of celebrity manicurist Mei Kawajiri, popularly known as NailsbyMei, to learn how to create a perfect set. Johnson tells us about the partnership, “Mei is an expert in the field—she knows all the tips and tricks. And her style is fun and playful. It was a very natural collaboration."

The Designs



It's easy to change your nail look for any occasion or mood with the Press On Bundle Builder ($20), which includes eight exclusive designs available in long, coffin, and almond shapes. The nails can easily be customized to meet your preferred length as a bonus.

  • Crazy Confetti
  • Wave Rider
  • Cold Blooded
  • Disco Parade
  • Dew It Daisy
  • Jungle Boo
  • Drip Tip
  • Matcha Sunrise

The nails are lightweight yet strong enough to withstand everyday activities, according to the brand. The press-on nails are also tapered and flexible at the cuticle for a natural look and a natural feel.

1. Match: “First, size your fingernails. When sizing, make sure that both sides of your finger are covered by the tip,” Mei explains. “You don’t want to go for a nail slightly smaller than your own because then there’s a chance that the nail will pop off later.”

Pro Tip: If necessary, use the provided nail file to make the cuticle of the false nail match your natural cuticle.

2.  Prep: “After that, you have to prep your natural nails,” Mei suggests before advising you to trim your natural nails for a more natural finish. “Then use the diagonal side of the wooden stick to gently push your cuticles back.”

Pro Tip: You’ll also want to use the alcohol pad provided in the package to clean off any oil on your fingernails. She notes that excess oil can disrupt the glue formula, and this can cause the false nails to fall off, and you don’t want that.

3. Apply: Mei recommends applying the glue to the tip of the nail. She explains, “Align the nail tip to the cuticle and apply at an angle. Apply pressure to the center of the nail and pinch at both sides to ensure adhesion. Repeat for each finger, holding for 10-15 seconds for each nail."

Pro Tip: Fill in the top of the nail with glue if there are any air bubbles. 

My Review 

Byrdie Editor Press on nails

Emerald Elitou

As the self-proclaimed Press-on Princess, my top priority is to find trendy nails that will take my look to the next level, especially when I’m going out. As such, I was instantly drawn to the beautiful designs featured on Nailboo press-on nails—it's rare to see this intricate nail art outside of the salon.

Switching it up for the new season, I decided to step outside my comfort zone and apply the Crazy Confetti design. The nail pack features 24 options, so it was easy to find the correct size. While other glues tend to take a little while to dry, the glue was quick to bond. I’ll be honest; it had its ups and downs. Yes, I loved the solid, long-lasting bond, but I learned from experience that I had to be seriously accurate when applying this set. Once I overcame the learning curve, I completed my collection and left out for dinner with a fab mani, and I had compliments galore.

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