Summer 2022 Nail Trends: Jelly Tips, Diamond-Plated Manis, and More

The only mani inspiration you'll need this season.

Mismatched check, flame, and smiley face nails

Brittney Boyce

Summer 2022 is officially here, and whenever a new season begins, it feels like the perfect time to test out a hot nail trend and experiment with a bold new look.

After all, what better time than the start of summer to update your color palette and go-to nail designs to match the sunshine-filled days and bright outfits ahead? “Any time you get your nails done, it's a chance to experiment, but especially during the summer,” says Hana Javelle, the co-founder of BlkGirlNailfies. “Colors that truly pop against the sun are perfect for standing out for the season.” 

Prepare to see plenty of almond shapes and saturated colors this summer. According to Nailcon Founder Jazmin Celine Gresham, “The almond shape has become the new square and has been everyone’s go-to shape.”

Editorial Nail Artist Riyah Martins credits the versatility and flattering results an almond shape offers with its continued popularity. “It’s the most flattering and classiest shape. It’s never going out of style, so it’s perfect for all seasons,” Martins explains.

Ahead, find nail inspiration that’ll have you wanting to get a manicure ASAP.

Meet the Expert

Color-Blocked French Tips

Color-blocking was all the rage in the 2010s, and it's making a triumphant comeback in the new decade—albeit, with an unexpected twist. Because of its entirely customizable nature, this is a huge trend that's not going away anytime soon. “You can do the same color scheme on all your fingers or use different colorways, on the other hand. You can pick whatever you like and customize it to your mood,” says Martin. 

Brittney Boyce adds that the look can be further customized with cloud designs. “You can use the style to create color-blocking designs, gradients, and even fun cloud graphics.” Both nail artists suggest trying ORLY’s Melt Your Popsicle or Neon Paradise to get your own color-blocked french tip look.

Textured Nails

Lavelle sees a continuation of the uber-popular textured and 3D embellishment craze landing with beauty lovers this summer. “They easily add another added layer of dimension and flair to any manicure, and you can make them as simple or elaborate as you would like," she explains.

Boyce likes to use long nails in coffin shapes because it is the best nail shape to “show off complex nail art." The more surface area, the more room for bold texture and experimentation.

Artful Decals  

Simple art like nail decals is becoming increasingly popular, especially since they can be done at home. “Art decals can save time and money while giving a high-quality design with minimal effort,” says Gresham. “There are so many brands that allow nail lovers to customize their own looks.”

Boyce believes the art decals look especially cool in a “wallpaper” pattern on a neutral nail.

Diamond-Plated Manis 

Marilyn Monroe once sang about how “diamonds are a girl's best friend,” and that’s apparently still true today. According to Lavelle, “chrome and metallic finishes are popular because they're timeless, chic, and complimentary to nearly everything.” Boyce says you can customize this particular trend by doing either the full nail or just the tip. “The silver chrome shade with the diamond plated design adds a really cool texture.” 

She recommends ORLY’s Saute to achieve this look because of its beautiful chrome-like finish.

Abstract Neons 

 There isn’t a summer that passes that doesn’t feature electrifying neons, but this year will look especially bright. “A lot of people who love neons also love maximum abstract designs, and it’s huge this summer,” Boyce tells us.

“When it's warmer out, people tend to gravitate towards the brighter colors, so more yellows, oranges, bright greens—generally anything they feel like they can't execute during those colder months,” Lavelle adds. For a true neon yellow, she suggests trying ORLY’s Glowstick for the abstract nail design. 


Jelly Tips 

The aesthetics from the aughts are making a major comeback, including the jelly trend. “This semi-sheer look works when you’re using super bright colors like pink or blue,” shares Boyce. She loves using ORLY’s Poolside, which she describes as bright, semi-sheer pink. 

Boyce also notes that this trend also works well with an almond nail shape. “Almond or oval nails look good on everyone and help to elongate fingers.”

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