The 23 Nail Art Trends That Are Taking Off in Europe This Summer

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I've got into a rather expensive habit of twice-monthly gel mani appointments with nail art—the sort of nail art I usually just save to my Instagram boards but don't actually do anything with. What I have noticed from spending time in my local nail salon, Lakwerk in Amsterdam, is that there isn't really one overriding mani trend in the Netherlands right now. I wondered whether this was a specific Amsterdam-specific trend for, well, shunning the trends or whether it is happening all over Europe? So, I called on the team at Pinterest to get some insights on the nail trends that are booming across the European continent. And, it turns out, they are pretty varied within each country and cross-border too.

The team at Pinterest told me that they're seeing women using Pinterest to search for nail shape inspiration, with long pointed stiletto nails big news in Spain and ballerina nails long but with a flat end trending over the border in Portugal.

Pinners in Europe seem to be going back to basics, with natural nails trending in France and simple nail designs being searched for in Germany.

When it comes to specific colors, Europeans are, on the whole, keeping it classic, with red trending in France, pink in Italy, milky white in Portugal and nude in the UK. Breaking free from the classic looks, however, is Sweden, where neon nails are the top search.

Keep scrolling to see the top nail trends in eight European countries and click the search terms for endless Pinterest inspiration.

In the UK

Ombre Nails = 108% increase in searches

Jamberry nail wraps
Jamberry Nail Wraps in Cotton Candy Kisses $20.00

Nude Nails = 37% increase in searches

OPI Nail Lacquer
OPI Nail Lacquer in You Don't Know Jacques! $7.00

Marble Nails = 46% increase in searches

NCLA Beauty
NCLA Ashford White $10.00

In France

Baby Boomer Nails = 339% increase in searches

Natural Nails = 108% increase in searches

Tweezerman 4-in-1 block
Tweezerman 4-In-1 File, Buff, Smooth & Shine Block $9.00

Red Nails = 131% increase in searches

YSL red polish
Yves Saint Laurent Beauty La Laque Couture Nail Polish in Rouge Pop Art $33.00

In Italy

Glitter Nails = 174% increase in searches

ILNP Juliette Holographic Nail Polish, Rose Gold
ILNP Juliette Holographic Nail Polish in Rose Gold $10.00

Pink Nails = 122% increase in searches

Tom Ford Indian Pink Nail Laquer
Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Indian pink $37.00

French Nails = 48% increase in searches

CND French Manicure Collection
CND Shellac French Manicure Collection $26.00

In Germany

Simple nail designs = 42% increase in searches

nail foils
levylisa Metallic Nail Stickers $7.00

Short nails = 69% increase in searches

Revlon nail clippers
Revlon Nail Clippers $2.00

Nude nails = 77% increase in searches

Chanel nail polish
Chanel Le Vernis in Blanc White $30.00

In Denmark

Matte nails = 707% increase in searches

Yellow nails = 65% increase in searches

Nail shapes = 92% increase in searches

In Sweden

Almond nails = 38% increase in searches

Check out the nail shapes video above.

Neon nails = 167% increase in searches

Beetles Neon Gel Polish Set $12.00

French fade nails = 135% increase in searches

Also known as Baby Boomer Nails! So check out the video up top.

In Portugal

Milky white nails = 190% increase in searches

Essie nail polish in Marshmallow
Essie Nail Polish in Marshmallow $7.00

Ballerina nails = 65% increase in searches

Ballerina nails are also called coffin nails, so you can see the how-to in the nail shapes video above.

Round nails = 65% increase in searches

See the round nail how-to in the nail shapes video above.

In Spain

Minimalist nails = 455% increase in searches

nail art set
Yimart Nail Art Design Tools $6.00

Stiletto nails = 175% increase in searches

Stiletto nails are as the name would suggest, super pointy! Get the how-to in the nail shapes video above.

Black nails = 186% increase in searches

Zoya lacquer in raven
Zoya Lacquer in Raven $12.00

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