Fall Beauty Trends Fall 2022 Nail Trends Include Pearly Polish, Glazed Finishes, and Barbiecore Pink The Fall Issue

Fall 2022 Nail Trends Include Pearly Polish, Glazed Finishes, and Barbiecore Pink

Here’s what the experts predict.

Chocolate colored matte nails

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While summer is often the most anticipated season, there's still much to look forward to for fall. There's a slew of fresh fashion trends to consider every autumn, plus plenty of pumpkin-flavored goodies if you're into that sort of thing. Most of all, we're intrigued by what the new season will bring us in the beauty sphere

When it comes to nail trends this year, we tapped the experts to see what was ahead, and apparently, many people are considering straying from the traditional autumnal color palette to make a bold statement in 2022. As expected, our experts predict that deep jeweled tones, nudes, and chocolate shades will continue to reign supreme. “I love the sexy simplicity of these shades solo or as a nail art look used together,” says Julie Kandalec, celebrity manicurist and educator, before agreeing with other experts who believe brighter colors may become more popular during the cooler months. 

If you're looking for inspiration for your next manicure or want to switch things up this September, our experts have predicted these trends will be sought-after this season. From bright-colored nails to simplistic designs, there are a variety of options that will get you in the mood for the crisper air.

Ahead, see the top nail trends for Fall 2022.

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Pearly Polish

Pearl Nails

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Textured manicures will be all the rage this fall, according to Kandalec. The manicurist expects that everyone's love of Pearlcore will continue through next season, allowing delicate pearl designs to shine. "Be prepared to see more white pearl polish shades and actual (flatback) pearls adhered to the nails."

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Chocolate Matte Nails

Chocolate colored matte nails

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On the topic of French tips, Walton believes that a matte finish for any manicure will be the coziest trend of the season. "When you see matte-finished nails, you immediately think of fall." 

The celebrity nail technician suggests trying the look in chocolate brown or burnt orange, especially since those colors will be popular throughout the season. She explains, "Having a nail color that matches the scenery around you really sets the mood for the season."

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Glazed Finish

glazed donut nails

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According to Boyce, the Glazed Finish trend is the "sheer cousin to chrome finishes" that will last far beyond the summer months. She suggests trying it on top of a French tip in a pastel shade to stray from the norm of autumnal color palettes, and the results are stunning. For an at-home option, Boyce suggests the Manucurist Nail Polish ($14) in the shade Carnation, which she describes as a "soft shimmer shade with a rosy hue."

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Chromecore manicure

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With silver having a major moment and gold being a forever favorite, Boyce believes the Chromecore trend won't fade anytime soon. The nail artist predicts, "Chrome will be huge this fall and beyond. Right now, people are really into the Space Age and futuristic looks."

Boyce recommends personalizing your mani with chrome orbs, diamond plating, or chrome French tips. "The possibilities are endless!"

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Barbiecore Mani

Barbiecore manicure

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Barbiecore has been one of the most exciting trends to emerge this year. Kandalec believes it has gained such traction due to generational nostalgia and the upcoming release of the Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie. "Every generation can relate to the Barbie story," she shares.

She suggests experimenting with brighter colors, bubble lettering, and tone-on-tone pink shades like the Ava Dean Promising Fuchsia Nail Polish ($13) to achieve the look. For further personalization, Kandalec recommends a stiletto shape to add more intricate details.

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Psychedelic Barbie

 swirly pink manicure

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Barbiecore will be taken to the next level with tie-dye or marbled designs, according to Boyce. "3D looks with neon colors is the way to go," she shares about the designs that feature a hint of psychedelics. "We can expect to see it all season long."

Boyce also predicts that the coffin shape will be "really big this season" as people dare to play with extra length and experiment with the psychedelic look.

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French Ombre

pink and white ombre nails

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Walton notes the recent resurgence of ombré designs—particularly with French ombré tips. When it comes to color, Walton forecasts an autumnal color palette with maroons, nude tones, and lush greens will be major for this look.

The manicurist suggests trying the coffin nail shape to make the trendy ombré manicure stand out.

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