12 Cool Nail Colors That Are Perfect for New Year's

If you just want to Netflix and chill this New Year's Eve, we see you, we feel you, and we just might be you. But for those who like to go all out in anticipation of the brand-new year (we see you and get you too!), it's time to gather your glitter, assemble your wardrobe, and select your bubbly because New Year's Eve is almost upon us. Exciting? Very! Daunting and cortisol-provoking? You bet. Which is exactly where Team Byrdie comes in.

To help your holiday season sail as smoothly as possible, and because we realize life, stress, and to-do lists don't cease to exist the second the clock strikes candy-cane season, we're covering your bases where holiday-centric products and looks are concerned. And right now, we're talking the nail colors we feel are New Year's Eve–approved for 2018. Whether you'll be ringing in the New Year at a sparkling, fancy-schmancy venue or the casual Thai takeout spot just around the corner, we're here for you. Ahead, our editors picked out which nail colors they have on their radar for New Year's Eve 2018. We haven't made any official decisions yet, but as members of the extreme-last-minute camp, we have exactly one dozen dazzling options on deck for you and your tips. Keep scrolling!