27 Cool-Girl Ideas That Will Make You Love Nail Art Again

Nail art had a big moment a couple of years back. You couldn't move for a leopard-print nail or a new polish promising a different effect, from crackled and velvet to caviar and magnetic. Then it all went a bit quiet on the nail-art front—you can have too much of a good thing, don't you know. It was a palette cleanser, we all put down our nail art stamps, packed away our foils and pots of glitter. Nude, red and greige nails were du jour, or no polish at all. Our nails and imagination needed a rest.

But like all good trends, they return reimagined, and in recent months we've found ourselves drawn to a new generation of cool-girl nail art ideas that have been slowly infiltrating our Instagram feeds. Forget OTT add-ons, though; the new generation of nail art is understated and less try-hard, and we love it—we predict a major nail-art comeback. So keep scrolling for 27 cool-girl nail art looks we can't wait to try.

To re-create the lined designs at home, use a striping brush like Ularma's 3pcs Nail Art Striper Brush (£1). To create dots on your nails, you can use a kirby grip!

Which is your favourite cool-girl nail art look? Let us know in the comment box below.

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