Nail Art: Dior Style

You might not expect a DIY nail art kit from a fashion house like Dior, but this limited-edition set is far from kitschy. We’ve always thought of glitter as the happy place between a classic manicure and full-blown nail art, and sure enough, the brand’s Sparkling Nail Powders Set ($48) is just that. The set comes with two loose glitters—a rose-meets-yellow gold and a shimmering black—along with a thick clear polish to encase the sparkle on your nails. You can create an intense glitter look, add a touch of shimmer to your tips, or just do one nail—on both bare nails or over colorful polish.

The kit is pretty straightforward—the glitter sticks to the wet lacquer—but here are a few tips that helped us get the best results.

1. Work with one nail at a time, adding glitter to a thick, just-applied coat of clear polish.

2. For a light application, hold the glitter above your nail and tap the cap gently; for more drama tap the glitter directly onto the wet polish.

3. Most importantly, don’t forget the topcoat! A heavy coat will keep your glitter in place, and two coats will give the heaviest glitter a smooth finish.