This Blogger Had The Best Response to People Commenting On Her Acne

Instagram has good and bad sides just like the rest of the internet. While it can be an empowering place to share memories, memes, and positivity, it can also be a place of unwarranted negativity. But we don't have to tell you that. Just look to Instagram's recent announcement, in which it launched new tools and programs to stop internet trolls from exerting their unwanted influence on the social media site. (They've even launched a filter that blocks certain offensive comments and new controls that allow you to choose who can comment on your images).  

One blogger in particular, Em Ford of @mypaleskinblog, knows this all too well. Her Instagram feed is full of makeup tutorials, skincare tips, and selfies (it's actually really cool, we suggest taking a scroll). In many of these selfies, she's fresh-faced and makeup-free. That's nice, considering she struggles with acne and most people try to hide that side of themselves from social media. Because of this, her account is a relatable and honest resource for people who struggle with acne and low confidence. But alas, that doesn't stop internet trolls. She's been a victim of some mean-spirited and judgmental comments, but she just gave the best response.