My Guide To A Healthy Scalp And Hydrated Curls

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Star with Rooted Rituals product

Although the occasional breakout is inevitable, I’ve realized that maintaining the complexion I want depends on what I did a week ago. That’s right, slipping up on Saturday night affects my skin on Wednesday morning. Being consistent with my skincare is the key to having my best skin days. And when it comes to my scalp and hair care there’s no difference. Every wash (and co-wash) really counts towards what my hair looks like after the next time I lather up my strands. That said, I figured out pretty quickly that my best hair days depend on keeping my curls and scalp hydrated.

ICYMI—good hair starts at the scalp, so my scalp’s health is a main priority in my haircare routine. When taking care of my scalp, I don’t just rely on conditioner and shampoo to do the work. I look for scalp-specific products that can help my hair maintain moisture and strength. And to me, there’s nothing worse than an itchy dry scalp, so I make sure to use products with ingredients that will promote my scalp health and moisture retention.

Speaking of moisture, hydrating my hair is no simple task. My curls are very picky when it comes to products that keep them in check. They crave ingredients that will nourish and hydrate them as naturally as possible. I know that when my hair and scalp are happy, my curls will stay fuller and defined until my next wash day. So I was very excited to try Rooted Rituals because I know their products are focused on hair moisture and scalp health. Here are my honest thoughts after trying the line for the first time.

Rooted Rituals products

Step 1: Conditioning

When my routine involves skipping shampoo, the first thing I apply to wet hair is conditioner. This is because I rely on conditioner to condition (of course), but also as a vehicle to help detangle my curls. When I first squeezed Rooted Rituals Silicone-Free conditioner into my hands, I was pleasantly surprised by its creamy texture. One of the claims for this product is that it doesn’t weigh down your hair, which is something I’m accustomed to with a lot of curl-focused conditioners. Turns out having a heavy head full of conditioner isn’t necessary to get the job done well. Instead of just sitting on the top of my head like other conditioners, the product was eagerly soaked up by my thirsty strands as I applied it from root to tip. The conditioner also provided the perfect amount of slip for detangling.

Rooted Rituals Ginger Root and Aloe Hydrating Conditioner
Rooted Rituals Ginger Root and Aloe Hydrating Conditioner, 8.4 fl oz $9.97

Step 2: Hydration

This line also boasts a Deep Hydrating Concentrate, which I couldn't resist using along with the Silicone-Free Conditioner. At first glance I was very intrigued by the product, not only because the name implied exactly what I needed, but also because of the ingredients. Rooted Rituals Deep Hydrating Concentrate is made with ginger root and aloe—key ingredients for the entire line. I know aloe has great benefits for skin, so I was excited to see what it would do for my hair. Ginger root is a great ingredient to strengthen strands and restore moisture. I could practically feel my curls perking up at the sound of this. Because my hair typically loses moisture from the ends I applied the hydrating concentrate to the ends and near my crown because this is usually where I lose moisture (and gain frizz) and can use a hydrating boost.

Rooted Rituals Hydrating Concentrate
Rooted Rituals Ginger Root and Aloe Hydrating Concentrate, 0.5 oz, 3 Pack $9.97

After I rinsed out the conditioning treatments, my hair looked noticeably curlier. In order to maintain these results when my hair dried, I reached for the Vitamin E Multi-task Leave-On Mask. For me, no matter how hydrating the conditioning treatments, I have to use a leave-in to help my curls stay defined and hydrated until my next wash day. I really appreciated that Rooted Rituals Multi-Task Leave-On Mask is formulated with Vitamin E and ginger root—ingredients known for making hair soft and shiny and fighting breakage. I sectioned my hair once again and added the leave-in to wet hair. Again, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the leave-in absorbed into my hair. One of my curly hair struggles is the length of time it takes my hair to dry once I apply a leave-in. It typically takes my hair upwards of 5 hours for my hair to air dry completely. After I applied this leave-in I was able to remove the towel from my shoulders and my hair didn’t even drip! 

Rooted Rituals Multi-Task Ginger Root Leave-On Mask
Rooted Rituals Multi-Task Ginger Root Leave-On Mask, 7.6 fl oz $9.97

Step 3: Treatment

Star using scalp massager

While the leave-in was drying, I was excited to try the star product of Rooted Rituals line, the Cooling and Strengthening Tonic. I applied the tonic to my scalp while my hair was still wet and felt it noticeably cool on contact. It is formulated with ginger root and Vitamin E to make hair strong and prevent damage. I have to admit it had been a while since I tried a new scalp product, and this felt like a breath of fresh air for my scalp! I could actually feel my scalp being soothed and hydrated. After I dispersed a couple of drops, I reached for the scalp massager and gently massaged the tonic into my scalp. Using the scalp massager with tonic was really relaxing and also helped the tonic be evenly distributed.

Rooted Rituals Cooling & Strengthening Tonic
Rooted Rituals Ginger Root and Vitamin E Cooling Scalp Tonic, 1.3 fl oz $9.97
Rooted Rituals Scalp Massager
Rooted Rituals Root Rejuvenating Scalp Massager $9.97

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Star's final result

After a bit of air-drying, I reached for my diffuser to finish off the job and fluff up my curls. Once I applied the cool air to my hair, the tonic totally chilled my scalp. It was heavenly. My hair also dried remarkably quickly, which was a big improvement on my 5-hour time-line. Considering these products weren’t specifically formulated for curly hair I was so surprised at how curly and springy my hair turned out. Each one of my curls were totally defined and my hair was fuller and curlier than I had seen it in months. My scalp has not been dry or itchy since I’ve been applying the tonic, which is also a huge win. Overall I was thoroughly impressed by my results with Rooted Rituals, and as far as I’m concerned this line is curly approved!