These Stickers Promised to Decrease My Anxiety—Here's What Happened

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Between starting a new job, signing a lease, and general self-care, I’ve been a bit stressed as of late. Since feeling defeated is not in my character, I booked an appointment with my nutritionist Elissa Goodman for some quick and effective stress-relieving tips. To which she recommended I try Body Vibes—energy-infused stickers that claim to help manage stress, anxiety, mood, and a whole host of other ailments via high-frequency technology.

Wildly curious, and a tad bit cautious, I asked Goodman to explain just how Body Vibes work. “We are all built on frequencies. The frequency of someone who is healthy measures higher than someone who is not. I believe in raising your vibration to support healing, and Body Vibes does just that,” Goodman said. To further qualm my fears Goodman told me that Body Vibes has been a blessing for her high-strung and stressed out clients, and she’s only received positive feedback regarding the smart stickers. In other words, I had to give Body Vibes a try.

Before decorating my arms in cute stickers designed with hamsa signs, unicorns, and mermaids, I decided to go straight to the source, Leslie Kritzer, a self-proclaimed “energy addict” and the co-founder of Body Vibes, to get the skinny on what I was about to stick on my body.

What Are Body Vibes Patches?

First introduced to the technology behind Body Vibes when her husband was prescribed high-frequency patches for pain relief in association with rheumatoid arthritis, Kritzer said she began using similar patches soon after to deal with her anxiety and depression. Impressed by both her husband’s and her own success, she teamed up with Richard Eaton, the engineer behind the technology, to create an aesthetically pleasing and empowering version of the patch, and Body Vibes was born.

How Do They Work?

So just how do these smart stickers work? According to Body Vibe’s website, all of our bodies operate at an “optimal internal frequency—a sweet spot in the neighborhood of 62 to 72Hz.” However, when our immune systems are compromised, “our internal frequency slips down to 57 to 60 Hz.” That’s where Body Vibe smart stickers come in. Each unique sticker is programmed by an accelerator frequency generator, which separates and identifies different frequencies already existent in the body. Once applied to the skin, these frequencies travel throughout our central nervous system and replenish specific deficiencies by raising vibrations. Ultimately, optimizing brain and body functions, while simultaneously accelerating the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Unable to find much research regarding frequencies in relation to improved health, besides a few studies performed on animals, Goodman’s and Kritzer’s personal experiences with the patches were reason enough for me to give Body Vibes a try. I mean, if a tiny little sticker had the slightest ability to reduce even just a bit of my stress, I figured it was worth a shot, right?

From “Mental Focus” to “Unicorn Skin,” I gave Body Vibes a try. Keep reading for my reviews.

The Results

Body Vibes Mental Focus

mental focus - body vibes
Body Vibes Mental Focus 10 Pack $60

Since stress has a tendency to preoccupy my mind, I decided to try the vibe “Mental Focus,” an adorably designed sticker reminiscent of a decal that used to decorate my sixth-grade notebook. I placed the patch on my left shoulder, as Madison DeCercq, co-founder of Body Vibes told me that the smart stickers are more effective when placed on the left side of the body, as she claims energy enters the body on the left and exits on the right.

After applying the patch, I didn’t feel any different. While I wasn’t expecting a jolt of energy per say, I didn’t expect to feel ordinary either. Days went by—still nothing. It wasn’t till I was chatting with Byrdie's news editor, Victoria Hoff, that I realized the stickers, unbeknownst to me, had actually been working. While I didn’t necessarily feel different, when I looked back on the past three days (each sticker lasts 72 hours) I realized I’d finished all my work tasks with time to spare. Hoff too exclaimed that her “Energy” smart sticker had been effective. After a night of little sleep, she recalled feeling energized. The only thing she could attribute this new-found energy to was the high-frequency patch. Yet another win for Body Vibes.

Body Vibes Unicorn Skin

unicorn skin - body vibes
Body Vibes Unicorn Skin 10 Pack $60

While Body Vibes recommends wearing a sticker for a whole month to truly be effective, after my successful three-day trial with “Mental Focus” I was excited to give another vibe a go. Reaching into my little bag of stickers, I pulled out “Unicorn Skin,” a vibe that promotes cell turnover. Seeing as I had a rather large blemish appearing on my cheek, I thought it appropriate to give this smart sticker a try. Much to my surprise, the next morning my pimple was non-existent. While I am not sure this quick response is typical for Body Vibes, I have to say I was delighted by the disappearing blemish.

Body Vibes Anti-Anxiety

anti-anxiety - body vibes
Body Vibes Anti-Anxiety 10 Pack $60

The last, and possibly the most important vibe I tried came after a very long day followed by a night of restless sleep in which I was dreaming about derma rollers. Yes, that’s right, this is not the first time I have woken up at 4 a.m. thinking about work. So, I thought it about time to try the “Anti-Anxiety” vibe. While I did feel calmer after 24 hours of wearing this new smart sticker, it was rather difficult to quantify my anxiety level. However, when my brother called for our weekly chat and randomly asked if I had just returned from a spa retreat, I couldn’t help but think the sticker may have been the cause. Since I didn’t feel the effects of this sticker as greatly as the others, I decided to wear the “Anti-Anxiety” patch for the recommended 30 days. While I didn’t notice a major difference when wearing the sticker, two days after taking off the “Anti-Anxiety” patch, I felt a spike in stress and anxiety. Needless to say, I put another “Anti-Anxiety” sticker back on.

The Final Takeaway

While my experience with Body Vibe smart stickers was a rather successful one, I am aware that they are only one piece of the stress-relief equation. Managing stress requires taking care of oneself. And, although I have been rather busy, I am going to make an effort to get back into an exercise routine, start taking Epsom salt baths, and drink more stress-relief tea, all of which I plan to do while wearing my favorite new accessory, Body Vibe smart stickers.

Next up: Seven things you can do now to instantly destress.

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