6 Muslim Women on Using Makeup to Empower Their Identity

muslim woman with pink makeup


This year Eid falls on July 20.  The second of the two Eids, Eid Al Adha, is a celebration of sacrifice—something we can all relate to. Over the last year, pandemic lockdowns ceased all congregational festivities. While celebrations may look a little different now, that certainly doesn’t mean they hold less significance.

For millions of Muslims across the globe, Eid continues. And for many, makeup has provided a means to celebrate. Repeatedly, Muslim women have been neatly forced into a small box. They’re stereotyped as quiet, regressive, submissive, and passive. But, that’s not the case. Muslim women are using makeup quite literally as a tool to present how they want to be seen.

The online beauty community is a space for all, and many Muslim women have taken to the internet to share a more authentic look into who they are. Ahead, six Muslim beauty content creators share how they've used makeup to celebrate their identity and the makeup looks they'll be wearing for Eid.

Umayma Abdul, content creator and CEO of Taajraasi

"I like the more natural look generally. But on Eid, I like to add a little shimmer to my eyelids and lashes to make more of an effort. My favorite product right now is Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter Foundation. It is so dewy and beautiful on the skin. For me and many others, Eid is another occasion to express our love for makeup and fashion while representing ourselves as Muslims. We have found a way to navigate makeup and modesty." 

Tahmina Begum, writer, editor and creator of The Aram Newsletter 

"I always decide what my makeup look will be depending on my outfit—whether it be a tonal beauty look that goes with my sari or a blend of eyeshadows to contrast with the embroidery on my shalwar kameez. There’s always a connection. Beauty connects to my faith because I believe it makes you grateful for the way you exactly are." 

Hani Sidow, content creator and author

"When it comes to Eid, I like to dress up and look the part. But, I tend to keep my makeup closer to the soft glam side of things because time is so precious on Eid day. Being around family and enjoying the celebrations makes me want to finish my makeup as quickly as possible.

I like to stick with my trusted products that I know will give me a flawless finish with as little effort as possible. For example, I use Huda Beauty's #FauxFilter Skin Finish Buildable Coverage Foundation Stick ($39) in Nutmeg as my foundation shade. Then, I use the shade Chocolate Mousse to brighten up my under-eye quickly. I also love reaching for products I can use for different things, such as Fenty Beauty's Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush ($20). After adding a pop of color to my cheek, I pat the same shade onto my lips to tie my whole makeup together."  

Tasneem Shahidullah, founder and creator of Tasneem Cosmetics

"Growing up in a Muslim Bengali household in Western countries (the UK and Australia) was always a balancing act for me to understand my identity. But the one thing I always felt complete comfort in was the makeup and beauty side of Bengali and Muslim culture. I am a creative person, and Islam is steeped in creativity, art, and culture. I think that has been a really important component of how I appreciate the religion and represent it, especially in my Eid looks." 

Khadija Mahamud, model and content creator

"For me, makeup is about how it makes me feel. Perfecting a winged liner or mastering a cut crease is that little reminder of what I’m capable of. Sometimes makeup is your 'war paint,' and the thought alone can be a pretty powerful thing to lift any mood.

How I do my makeup is usually dictated by my mood, and Eid morning is no exception. We always have an early start for prayer, so I usually decide on my look the night before. For this reason, in regards to daytime, I like to stick to a neutral eye. In the evening, I’ll switch it out for a smokey eye. 

My absolute favorite product has to be the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand Liquid Highlighter ($38). This can always be found in my bag. It’s perfect for creating a subtle glow. But you can also build it up on the days you want to blind with your highlight!"

Aisha Mohamed, Content Creator

"For me, makeup is always about play. It's a fun way to express the different versions of yourself. For Eid day, I want to present my most glamorous self. I’ll tend to go all out with lashes, glitter, and a bold lip. Makeup has given me the confidence to be my true self, and express the more creative and bold side of Muslim women that is often not represented in mainstream media."

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