4 Muslim Women on Representation, Headscarves, and Caring for Their Hair

This week, for the second annual Muslim Women’s Day, we’re teaming up with MuslimGirl.com to offer a more well-rounded view of the Muslim woman and her beauty and wellness rituals. Seeded in profiling and stereotypes, it’s an unfortunate truth that being Muslim in this country is difficult. Muslim women face violence on public streets, bullying in schools, and governmental legislation limiting their fundamental constitutional rights. And it goes without saying there are far fewer Muslim women represented in mainstream media: on billboards, in YouTube tutorials, and in movies.

To turn the dial a bit, we collected stories from Muslim women regarding their haircare routines, learning along the way how a hijab or head covering can be both helpful (fewer wash days) and detrimental (dryness) depending on someone’s particular hair texture and chosen style. So we reached out to four women for their favorite products, chosen regimens, and more. Below, see four Muslim women discussing their haircare in their own words.

Opening Image: Kat Borchart