The Most Inspiring Muslim Beauty Gurus From Around the World

At Byrdie HQ, it's our MO to celebrate beauty from every corner of the world. The beauty customs of different cultures are unique and steeped in history, and by learning about them, we're able to expand our own perspectives (not to mention pick up a life-changing new tip or two). That's why we're proclaiming this week and paying special homage to women far and wide, from Thailand to Russia and beyond. Each day, we'll honor the beauty practices, trends, and traditions of our sisters around the globe—complex, intriguing, and versatile as they are. Enjoy! Global Beauty Week

When Covergirl named Muslim beauty blogger Nura Afia as an ambassador, we rejoiced. A quick scroll through her Instagram feed, and it’s clear why she was chosen; her account is a gold mine of product recommendations, transformations, and the full-glam makeup looks she’s known for. But Afia isn’t the only Muslim blogger filling our feeds with serious beauty inspiration. In honor of Global Beauty Week, we’re sharing a list of our favorite Muslim beauty gurus from across the pond (or just across the border) who are breaking boundaries and teaching all of us a thing or two about beauty. Keep scrolling to subscribe to them all!

Who: Habiba Da Silva @lifelongpercussion

Country: UK

Da Silva recently made waves in the fashion industry when she launched a line of hijabs for diverse skin tones and urged others to reconsider what the word “nude” means when it comes to skin tone. Her YouTube videos touch on topics from drugstore dupes to no-foundation beauty looks, which makes her one to follow if you’re a makeup newbie.

Who: Shahd Batal @shahdbatal

Country: Canada

Batal only started her YouTube channel four months ago and has already racked up over 120,000 followers—it’s clear why. Her bubbly demeanor is contagious, and she peppers her beauty tutorial videos with updates on her life. (Her video on what an East African Thanksgiving is like will make you smile.) Plus, her Instagram feed is minimalist perfection.

Who: Dalal AlDoub @dalalid

Country: Kuwait

AlDoub’s YouTube channel was a just hobby five years ago, and now she boasts over two million Instagram followers and 400,000 subscribers. She’s turned her passion for makeup into a full-time job as a makeup artist and is known for her in-depth video reviews of buzzy beauty products. 

Who: Rumena Begum @rumena_101

Where: UK

Begum’s tutorials are stunning (her sky-high cheekbones don’t hurt), and you’ll find everything from gold glitter eye shadow looks to skincare product reviews.

Who: Sondos Alqattan @sondos_aq

Where: Kuwait

Alqattan is one of the most influential beauty gurus in the Middle East. (Her Instagram boasts over two million followers.) She’s been interviewed by Vogue Arabia, is vocal in the conversation about beauty and hijabs, and regularly posts video tutorials and reviews right on her Instagram.

Who: Amena @amenaofficial

Country: U.K.

Amena's Instagram feed is full of fashion and beauty inspiration; she even used her social media following to help create a new style of hooded hijab, which she calls the “hoojab” and sells on her site Pearl Daisy. Her videos feature everything from her favorite dark-circle remedies to hijab styling tutorials. 

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