11 Cool Products I Discovered at Coachella That I'd Actually Use in Real Life


ChinChin Hao

I wouldn't consider myself a particularly "festivally" person. I'm not into crowds, electronic music, or culturally appropriated accessories. (Sorry, had to go there.) But I am into the "I'll do anything once" attitude, so this year I finally decided, screw it—as a Los Angeles resident, I've got to experience Coachella once before I die, so it might as well be this year.

I decided to attend Weekend 2 of Coachella, unofficially known as the "chill" weekend. My boyfriend has appropriately nicknamed it "Dadchella," since it's the weekend preferable to the 30+ crowd.

I will say, Dadchella or not, the festival was expectedly insane. But I'm totally glad I went—a) because of the fascinating anthropological experience, b) because Father John Misty is a god among men, and c) I discovered so many cool beauty products that I am genuinely excited to use in my real life.

Whether or not you care about music festivals, you will definitely care about these festival-inspired products. Below, find the 11 coolest beauty things I discovered at Coachella.