"Mushroom Blonde" Is The New Platinum Blonde, According to Pinterest

Mushroom Blonde


It's only natural that the seasonal swing of hair color calls for darker strands in the winter and lighter strands in the summer, since that's something that happens automatically for many of us (I know it does for me and my hair. After spending a long summer on the beach, I start to see natural, sun-kissed highlights appear in the top layer of my hair. Whereas, in the winter, my hair begins to darken as it grows out).

Interestingly enough, Pinterest's top-trending hair seems to merge dark winter tones with the light summer ones to create a brand new and very unique hair color. It's time to meet "mushroom blonde," which is a cool-toned blonde hue that's quickly replacing platinum blonde as the social media site's favorite hair color. Searches for mushroom blonde are up 308%, while searches for platinum blonde are down 26%. Keep scrolling to see just what exactly "mushroom blonde" looks like IRL.

Here it is: mushroom blonde. It's not the most traditional summer hair color ever, but according to Pinterest, it's definitely the trendiest. Thanks to the subdued blonde, which has an undulating touch of gray, it's the perfect shade for people who prefer cool-toned colors.

Normally, we see two different types of blonde in the summer. There's the warm, golden blonde of Southern California, and then there's the icy platinum blonde made famous by celebrities like Kim Kardashian-West. This gray-blonde veers more towards the latter, as it's forgoes warm, golden tones completely in favor of cool grays and silvers. We're assuming that's where the name comes from. It's reminiscent of the muted color of mushrooms (which isn't the most luxurious comparison, but it's accurate one nonetheless).

Mushroom blonde is very similar to other ash-blonde hair colors, except it has a touch more gray. It also has a focus on the roots of the hair, which are smudged out into a smokey ombré effect.

It's not just blondes who can get in on this mushroom hair trend. Mushroom brown hair is also an option, and one that's simultaneously growing in popularity. Instead of starting with a cool blonde base, you start with a cool brunette base.

Stephanie Brown, IGK Master Colorist, says the trick with any hair color transformation is to keep the hair healthy and hydrated. "You definitely want to add moisture back into your hair especially if you are getting highlights,” explained Brown. “I would ask your colorist to add in Uberliss, Olaplex, or Brazilian Blonder (B3) to your color service—this just depends on what the salon carries. These treatments are great at helping your hair stay strong so less damage is done to your hair. All three brands have at-home treatments as well...My personal favorite is Uberliss as I feel it adds the most moisture back into the hair.” 

Next up, an honest account of what it's like to go platinum blonde.

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