This Is the Key to Getting Better Muscle Definition


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Just because you stepped up your workout routine doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see muscle definition. According to Jonathan Valdez, Telehealth registered dietitian, nutritionist, and certified personal trainer in New York City, muscle tone is dependent on both workout and diet. Since we have the workouts down pat, we asked Valdez to school us on the necessary nutrition to create muscle definition.

You might think a hardcore HIIT workout or Pilates class would provide muscle tone in just four weeks, and while that is possible, it is much more likely to happen when paired with the correct foods. “One cannot live without the other,” Valdez explains. “If you have inadequate macronutrient and micronutrient intake, it can inhibit muscle healing and building. At the same token, if for example you do not work out your bicep, it will not have the opportunity to define and become stronger.” In order to help us reach our fitness goals, Valdez put together a list of the foods we should eat as well as the ones we should avoid if we want more defined muscles. To get the best results from your workouts, keep on reading for Valdez’s muscle-toning diet tips.