This Brush Promises to Cut Curly Hair Styling Time in Half—So, We Tried It

It truly does the most.

Heat Free Hair

Heat Free Hair

If you have curly or coily hair, you probably have more detangling brushes and wide tooth combs than you can count. That, plus all the other wash-day supplies, can make your bathroom look more like the beauty aisle than part of your home. Fortunately, there's a new product that promises to cut styling time in half. Introducing Heat Free Hair's HD Curlbrush ($25), which aims to simplify your routine.

Created by Ngozi Opara, the founder of Heat Free Hair, this 4-in-1 brush cuts out the need for multiple tools. So, you'll spend less time styling and cut down on extra products (your bathroom counter can thank us later). Plus, the brush isn't just made for natural curls, you can also style wigs and extensions.

For more on the brush's innovative structure and how to use it, we reached out to Ngozi to get the scoop on Heat Free Hair's latest drop. Read on for her expert advice.

Heat Free Hair High Definition Curlbrush

Best for: 2A to 4C Hair

Price: $25

Product Claims: Works on natural hair, extensions, and wigs.

How It Works: The double-sided brush is multipurpose to help detangle, define, clump, and minimize frizz for curly hair.

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The Story

"Curlbrush was born out of my experience as a hairstylist and working with my own natural hair," Ngozi explains. She found that she'd have to use three to four different brushes to achieve most hairstyles, and her customers, who were styling at home, had to go through the same process.

"I wanted to simplify the detangling and brushing/styling process by cutting out the need for multiple different tools and creating an innovative hairbrush designed to do what no other curly hairbrush can do," she explains. The result? A multipurpose brush suitable for all hair textures and safe to use on extensions. And, while you can use the product on all hair textures, Ngozi notes that wavy to coily hair types (2A to 4C) will benefit most from the defining and detangling brush.

How to Use It

This isn't your average brush. "The HD Curlbrush is unique in that it does what it would take four different hair brushes to do," Ngozi says. It's multifunctional: the product helps detangle, define, clump curls, and smooth frizz.

To get the best use out of the brush Ngozi breaks down how to use it step by step:

  1. Separate Your Hair: Part your hair into sections and add a curl-defining or conditioning product. She recommends Heat Free Hair's Perfect Extensions Kit ($75) which includes a curl-defining spray and mousse.
  2. Start Detangling: Using the "detangling" side of the brush, start detangling your hair at the ends and work your way up to the root.
  3. Add Definition: Using the "define" side of your brush, brush through your hair again starting from the ends and working your way up.
  4. Style: Finish with your preferred styling product and style as desired.
Heat Free Hair, brush
Heat Free Hair HD CurlBrush $25.00

The Review

Chinea Rodriguez

Chinea Rodriguez

I don't have too hard of a time detangling my hair, but this brush did glide through my hair without much effort. So it cut down on my already fast detangling step even further. But, what I really wanted to see was how well it would define my hair. I've struggled with hair definition and usually use the same brush to detangle and define along with styling products.

The long and sturdy bristles on this brush made it easier to brush a defining gel through sections of my hair and clump the curls. The results? The frizz-free definition I strive for. Even the parts of my hair that struggle to curl were more defined. Safe to say, the brush will be a regular part of my routine.

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