Exclusive: @Mmmitchell on His Major New Eye Palette and Breaking the Beauty Rules

MMMITCHELL Beauty Bay Palette


Brit-born makeup artist Mitchell has grown a mega-following on Instagram—a community of over one million people globally that follow and are enthralled by the artistic makeup creations he shares on his feed.

He turns 21 this month and, surely, there could be no better birthday present for the beauty boy and MUA than the chance to create his own palette, which is exactly what he has gone and done in collaboration with e-tailer Beauty Bay. The Me, Myself & Mitchell Pressed Pigment, $36 (available Sunday), is packed with 32 super-intense eyeshadows (that's just over $1 per shadow) in a range of rainbow brights and transition shades in mattes and shimmers.

We caught up with Mitchell to talk all things beauty including his palette, breaking the rules and what it's really like having so many people following his every makeup move.


Byrdie: The makeup looks you create are like works of art. Did you enjoy art at school?

Mitchell: I loved art in school, it gave me the chance to be really creative. I did art for my GCSE's and got an A*, so I did very well in the subject. It was my favorite class and the only subject that I didn’t feel stressed in and could relax and enjoy it. 

How did you become a makeup artist?

"I started to love using makeup as a material for art, rather than using a paints or pencils. I always enjoyed transforming someone’s face."

What inspires you creatively?

"Color is always something that inspires me. Whenever I see a really cool color combination, it inspires me to do something new, something crazy. I try not to look for too much inspiration in makeup or makeup looks, just because that way, I feel I wouldn’t be doing anything new. I like to look for inspiration in what's around me, in a flower or a poster or a sunset."

How did the palette come about with Beauty Bay?

"I was on tour with Jeffree Star hosting makeup masterclasses! We were in Dublin and I had just finished a class and was exhausted. I missed my flight there, worked a really long day, and was so tired. Milly, the Marketing Manager at Beauty Bay, came backstage with a pizza and suggested we create a palette. At first, I was slightly hesitant. I wasn’t sure if we should do something else, because there are so many palettes within the market, but she believed in me and I’m so glad we've done it! I never imagined I could create something so personal and perfect for me."

Me Myself & Mmmitchell Palette
Beauty Bay Me, Myself & Mmmitchell Pressed Pigment Palette $36

It's packed with colors. How did you decide on those shades?

"It’s all the colors that I would like to use to create makeup looks, but reformulated and re-toned. We’ve made them brighter, less chalky and smoother. They're colors that I’ve always used but made into my perfect formula."

Which are your favourite colour combinations from the palette and why?

Mitchell: This is difficult! The magic of the palette is that, if you're not so confident, I've strategically placed the shades where they are so then you know what to blend out each shade with and what each shade could be paired with. But, then again, if you're more advanced with makeup or you would like to get a bit more creative and weird, the palette has no rules to it. 

What are the most life-changing, jaw-dropping makeup tips you have learned or come up with yourself?

"The pressure of your brush and your hand needs to be really light. I see a lot of makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts, in my opinion, pressing too hard, which I think doesn't really give the eyeshadow the chance to blend.

For me, my biggest tip when I'm teaching is: don't set your eyeshadow base and keep it to that soft touch. And always use the darkest color first!"

What does your skincare routine look like?

"Peter Thomas Roth Eye Patches are pretty much the only thing which I've stay tried and true to. When it comes to moisturizers I always switch it up because I love buying skincare. It's something I'm obsessed with!"

Peter Thomas roth patches
Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Hydra-Gel Eye Patches $52

"When it comes to doing my own makeup, I use the Vita Liberate Body Blur on my face. I know it's meant for the body but I'm just over here breaking rules 24/7. That's how I live my life nowadays."

Vita Liberata
Vita Liberata Sunless Glow HD Skin Finish $45

So many people aspire to a huge Instagram following but what's it like in reality?

"It's fun having a big following but, I'll be honest, it's kind of become my life at the minute! I've worked really hard at it and my following has grown quite quickly. I've put a lot of work into it and haven't had much chance to process it. I'll be honest, it's really weird when I go out in public and people know I am. It's strange but it's amazing.

I think the main thing is being passionate about growing a community, not a number. It's amazing having a large following, but it's more important to have a community. A community means so much more to me than millions of followers. If I had just 100 people that are an amazing community that means so much more to me. You've got be doing it for the right reasons. Having the right intentions gets you places!"

We saw you lost (and then found) your brush collection recently. Which are the brushes you would be devastated to lose and that you think everyone should own?

"For me, the Zoeva brush kits are always essential and have literally been the brushes I've used since I started to do makeup. They were the brushes I could afford at the time because you get such an amazing set of brushes for an amazing price. Oh, and Spectrum Collections brushes."

Zoeva Complete Brush Set $125

"I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills brushes too! Specifically, I use the A22 (Pointed Cheek Brush, $30), A10 (Diffuser Brush, $21), A25 (Tapered Blending Brush, $23). I would be devastated about losing them because I feel like when you first buy a brush and it's new, it's not worn-in, and I love a worn-in brush."

Who do you follow on IG that you think everyone should and why?

"Stacey is a UK-based makeup artist. She is a crazy talent and I don't feel like anyone will ever be able to compete with what she creates. It's unbelievable how crazy her mind is to create her looks. "

"I'm so inspired by what Emily does! As a nail artist, she does something completely different to what I do but I love how her creative flow works."

"Brookelle is inane at creating theatrical looks! She is a dream."

With such a hectic life right now, what does self-care look like for you?

"Self-care, for me, is doing things for myself! It sounds simple but it's sometimes hard to make time and do things for you when you're so busy. I try not to impress people all the time and just be me. There are the more obvious self-care rules I live by, like drinking more water, having regular facials and using your Peter Thomas Roth eye patches! But for me, I really feel self-care comes from loving yourself."

Next up, I've watched over 3,000 hours of makeup tutorials and it's changed my face.

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