The Best Beauty Looks at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards

The Video Music Awards are always a sight to behold. Do you remember 2013? It was the year Miley Cyrus twerked her way across the stage and into the general consciousness of American pop culture. What about 2015, when Taylor Swift brought her entire squad? The VMAs have always been surprising and dramatic (we’re thinking of Britney Spears kissing Madonna on stage and Kanye West infamously interrupting T.Swift), whether that’s in pop culture or beauty.

The year Miley Cyrus made headlines was the year she introduced us to her new blonde pixie cut. Similarly, the year of the squad was the year of Taylor Swift’s graphic cat eye and slick, side-parted hair.

This year’s VMAs looks were just as memorable (if not more so). Celebs of every age, gender, and musical genre debuted new hair and makeup looks that left us speechless. Keep reading to see our favorite beauty looks from the 2017 MTV VMAs!

What was your favorite look from the VMAs? Tell us in the comments. Then, see the lipstick that Jennifer Aniston wore throughout filming Friends (and you can still buy today).