The 8 Best Beauty Looks at the MTV Movie Awards

History has taught us to expect the unexpected at any MTV-generated award show, but it's pretty safe to assume that no one anticipated the rare Los Angeles hailstorm that swiftly evacuated the red carpet at last night's Movie & TV Awards. Still, in spite of the weather conditions, the usual slew of A-listers managed to turn a few poses in front of the cameras before being hurried inside—and there were more than a few beauty looks that caught our eye.

Perhaps the most notable looks of the evening came courtesy of Cara Delevingne, who has used her newly shaved head (for a movie in which she plays a cancer patient) to challenge society's all-too-rigid definition of beauty, as well as the perpetually norm-defying Amandla Stenberg, who played up her own crop with an unexpected lip color. To see how their looks came together, as well as some of our other favorites from the night, keep scrolling.