These 8 Fragrances Aren't for Regular Moms—They're for Cool Moms


Isabella Behravan

My mom currently lives on the opposite side of the country as me, but I can still guess exactly what she smells like at this moment. Unlike me, the perfume polygamist, my mother has worn the same fragrance literally since the year I was born—coincidentally, that was the year Dior released Dune ($78), a musky, earthy, oceanic fragrance that captures my mom's love of the beach. When I'm missing her a lot, I can close my eyes and vividly imagine that I'm giving her a hug—mainly because I know exactly how it smells to bury my face in her chest. Scent memory is a powerful thing.

But while I personally won't be gifting my mom with a new fragrance this Mother's Day, it's nonetheless a solid option to consider, especially if you do it right—and that means forgoing generic options in favor of something unique and personal; their personality in scent form. Not sure where to begin? Keep scrolling for some fresh (and downright cool) Mother's Day fragrance ideas.