Predict Aging Based on Your State, Thanks to the Wrinkle Index

There’s a ranking for the healthiest states, the most active states, the most bike-friendly states, but what about the youngest-looking states? Yep, there’s a ranking for that, too. Our friends at Marie Claire alerted us to a new study conducted by RoC that analyzed a number of different factors to determine which states are most susceptible to skin damage and premature aging.

After taking into account lifestyle, occupational, and environmental factors, the researchers award each of the 50 states a “wrinkle index.” Think California with its pollution problems tops the list? Or maybe Hawaii takes No. 1 thanks to all that sunshine? Nope. The most wrinkle-prone state in America is New York. Being “dissatisfied with life” and “lacking emotional support” can really take a toll on your skin.

Other notable surprises? Sun-drenched states like Hawaii, Mississippi, and Louisiana actually have the lowest incidence of skin cancer and all fall outside of the top 25 mark. Washington D.C., while having the lowest rate of skin cancer, found its place at No. 23 due to lengthy commutes (the longest, in fact), ozone pollution, long work weeks, and binge drinking. On the less surprising side, southern states like West Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky can thank their generally poor diets and their high percentage of smokers for their top 10 rankings.

Scroll down to see the top five factors contributing to wrinkles, and see which one affects your state the most!