The 5 Most Popular Lipsticks on Amazon, Ranked


The Beauty Look Book

There’s nothing better than a fresh new lipstick right out of the package. The bullet is shiny, the edges are fresh, and the possibilities are endless. To me, lip colors are like friends—they're beautiful, exciting, and always there when you need them. I look back at old photographs and I remember the exact shade I was wearing and what I was feeling as I slicked it on. I keep all of my old, discontinued shades as mementos from good times in the past.

So, in honor of my most favorite holiday (National Lipstick Day, duh), we worked with Amazon Beauty to determine the most popular hues and trends over the past year. Mattes were (and still are) all the rage, and the classic true red is going as strong as ever. Keep scrolling to find the most popular lipstick brands and their most coveted shades of the year.

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